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The story of Valiant is that he is an alien who came to Earth. He was so enamored, so in love with humanity, that he decided to become a protector. A hero that villains should fear, and a standard to which the innocent should strive.

That's the story, anyway, told to people in a hit Reality TV show that followed his exploits and heroics. The Valiant Man was the first of its kind. A show focusing on a real hero, doing real heroics. A documentary filmed weekly that showed off his highs, his lows, and the people he effected. Except it wasn't true, most of it. If someone was curious enough they would find out how much of it was staged, that Valiant was just a man who was lucky enough to gain powers, and be handsome enough for the cameras to love him. It was enough to jumpstart his career as a celebrity superhero and gain a massive following.

His latest venture was being the host of "Searching for Supernovas" a reality TV show where hopefuls would sign up and run through challenges. The promise was that the winner would be trained and given superpowers. It's been running for nearly a decade, but the show has had its fair share of controversies. There was also a semi-regular segment where Valiant would suddenly leave the studio to perform heroics in 'real time' live on TV if there was an issue. 

He's known for doing interviews directly after a disaster, frequent social media posts and posing for press. He's become a bit of a household name, but quite the joke among 'real' superheroes - often referred to as "V for Vanity" in quiet whispers. 

  • Falsified backstory in his shows
  • He kissed a baby after a disaster that was later revealed that the mom was paid to bring the kid there for PR
  • Accusations of trying to pressure other heroes into dates
  • Accused of belittling heroes by releasing a 'Sexy Valiant' calendar
  • Fined for false advertisement of the Nuclear POWERED energy drink, that claimed to increase weak superpowers
  • Many, many claims of taking credit for other heroes work
    • There float theories of 'GhostHeroes' (after the literary concept of Ghostwriters) who were paid to deal with problems where he could take the credit.
  • Flying under the influence
  • Being kind of a dick to fans
  • All the same controversies associated with Searching for Supernovas directly implicated or involved him, including:
    • Fake super serum
    • Falsely claiming a partnership with A.E.G.I.S.
    • Rigged competition
    • A winner turned villain

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