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A city-state created barely a millenium ago. This desert city sits upon the great river flowing through the desert.

Once the location of Tabuk, an ancient human city, Karn was built over top of Tabuk (quite literally). The dwarven clan, Karn, has ruled this place for over one thousands years with an iron fist.

Most recently a group, along with scores of black swords from the Avarice Isles. That day, coin claimed the leadership of Karn.

For the past 5 years, a council has ruled.

Army and City Guard


The Karnnish army is primarily reserve forces. The army patrols outside the walls of the city and is relatively small as this is a time of peace.

Those who wish to join the city guard must patrol with the army first.

The rank system is undefined (metagame) but this is one


City Guard

The city guard is much larger than the army due to the need for active duty members.

The city guards deals primarily with activities within the city.

Duties include, patrolling the streets, border/wall patrol, detectives, and a "SWAT"-like team (magic?).

There are very few mage guards, but those that exist are strong.


There are two special teams of councilor guards. The internal and external threat teams (of about 5 or 6 members each)

The external threats team has a mix of city guard and army responsibilities.



Karn is ruled by The Council of Karn, composed of a head of the council (currently Zahir) and advised by ten councillors.

Laws regarding how the council acts

  • The council advises a ruler, who also maintains a seat on the council
  • There are 11 seats to the council
    • Cendis
    • Hikari
    • Nim
    • Vax
    • Velbinex
    • The 5 party members (sorted alphabetically)
    • Zahir
    • Berroven assigns one seat
    • Rebel leader
    • Religious leader
    • Industry Leader
    • Commonfolk representative
  • Each seat (outside of the party and Zahir) were voted in by their peers.
  • Council Members MUST vote on every issue.
    • A Council member may assign a stand-in/councillor in absentia/ward/etc to vote and discuss council issues.


General Laws

  • Religious Freedom
  • Guards for the city-state come from a division of the general army

Food Culture

Tea is quite common, and one of the main crops near Karn is used to make a fantastic tea. (This is one reason why Karn was founded, the herb can also be used in medicines)

Coffee is almost unheard of, as it was a human delicacy but doesn't sit well with the local palates of dwarves, gnomes, and elves.

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