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Additions to the penal code of Arden following the Blumenjagt of 1026 AC


Every year in the kingdom of Arden, an event called Blumenjagt takes place around the middle of spring. This event takes place all over the kingdom, with every town and village holding a daily celebration to celebrate the flowers that grew during the year.

The celebration's highlight is a hunt where the town's children go around looking to collect different kind of flowers placed in advance by the organisers. The child that gathers the highest number of different kinds of flowers is crowned the title of Flower Princess or Flower Prince.

Adults are allowed to help children during the gathering process, but the child needs to be able to name the different flowers alone during the final phase.

In the Blumenjagt of 1025 AC, an issue was reported in the costal city of Rosen , pushing the kingdom to introduce a new law.

Dear citizens of Arden,

While last week's Blumenjagt festivities took place in an adequate level of excitement, an incident happened in the city of Rosen that sadly resulted in the crowning process to be cancelled. This is a tragedy for the population all over the kingdom.

To avoid a similar issue in the future, and to guarantee the population's security, the following rules are enacted.

Because a few adults dressed up as flowers and chased participating children (including last year's Flower Princess) to scare them and dissuade them from participating:

It is now forbidden to dress up as a flower during the Blumenjagt. This goes for both adults and younglings.

Because a member of the jury soaked some of the flowers in alcohol to inhibit the children:

It is now forbidden to soak flowers in high concentration of alcohol.

We hope to see everyone follow these rules, and look forward to next year's Blumenjagt!

The Königsberatungsrat

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