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The Republic of Rivandol is an independent republic on Thaelia.

The country gained independence from Orlene in 410 AC during the War of Six Families. A civil wars known as the War for the Republic followed independence, with the country being stable since 422 AC.


The Rivandol Nobility dominates the politics of the republic.

Rivandol has a parliament represented by two houses. The lower house which has a total of 300 officials, where each house has a number of delegates equal to the people the house rules over. The upper house has 2 representatives of each house. The leader of the republic is a member of the upper house which is elected by the other members of the upper house. Once elected, the leader stays in power for 9 years, after which a new leader is voted in.

House Riddle is the current governing family of the republic, as elected in 1019 AC.


Rivandol enjoys high excess of food, allowing many people to work in higher paying occupations, and engaging in trade with other kingdoms. Each noble family also controls a military unit that it can rent out as a mercenary group to other families or foreign powers.


The country itself only has about 3'000 men at arms at all times guarding the capital and borders. The number of troupes the country can raise depends on which families support the war efforts.

The Rivandol 1st Cavalry is a very skilled army of 150 men lead by Richard Osborn.

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