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Savino is the capital of the Udrino province in the empire of Torchio. The city was founded by Saint Savino in 1830-1840 BC when he performed a miracle and purified the water of the river to make it drinkable. The river was named Savi in his honour.

With a population of thirty two thousand, it is the biggest city in the province of Udrino, and the biggest city in the Western part of the empire.

The Peregrina Citadel, located in the city center, is the home of the Peregrina family, where Hammon Peregrina rules.


The city is divided into several districts that house different kind of business and populations.

  • Vicolo del Sole, biggest district to the north, also known as the new town.
  • Plazza di Livoni, central plazza where markets and events are held. Many upscale merchants can be found here.
  • Old town, surrounding the Plazza to the south, the old town is where many old generations live in smaller houses and is bustling with life and activities. 
  • The citadel, where the ruling family lives and rules. The citadel walls are also the barracks of the city guard.
  • Cita Emiliana, situated on the west of the Savi river. Build by a rich merchant family named Emiliana. It is where the richer folk live.
  • Vicolo Meridonale, situated to the south of the inner city is less fashionable and houses the poorer classes like farmers during the winter.
  • Savoni Cross is the southern gate named after St Savoni.

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