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Early Years

Tell me where you see this character as a child? What does their home look like?

Born in a sandstone house in the small town of Rassano. The sand from which the house was built shines golden in the rising and setting sun. The windows are oval shaped and each has a small ledge of palm wood. A green shining climbing plant (grapevine) decorates the entrance and offers some shade. The house has four rooms. A kitchen, a bedroom, a common room and a pantry.

The kitchen is made of sandstone and has an open fireplace with cast-iron pots. The work surfaces are made of solid dark brown wood. 

The common room has a round shape and offers a lot of cushions and places to sit. In the middle of the room there is a small round table on which apple tea is placed and which is being kept warm. The walls are covered with cloths, which are floating in the wind and give a little coolness on sunny days.

The bedroom is similar to the common room and serves as a sleeping area for the whole family. 

The pantry is stocked with animal carcasses and in large wooden barrels wine is stored, because the water is not really digestible.

Who else is in the home? Any animals or pets?

A porcupine named Krümel also lives in the household. It is bored in the same moon as Ratash and was always one of his friends. Ratash has two sisters Lorna and Sofia and a brother Rukesh who still lives in the house with his father Sambo Goldmane and mother Lucia. 

And the area. Where is your home? Is it a village? A farm? A city? Something else

The home is a small village on a through road to the next bigger city. Some pilgrims and trading travellers take a short rest before they start their next walk through the warm sand to the next town.

What does your family do to make money?

The mother and the two sisters work in the field and make sure that the date plantations are harvested. The brother and father belong to a hunting party that hunts meat in the open steppe to sell it at the local market.

How religious are you and your family?

The family is not really religious because they hardly have enough food of their own, they feel not seen by the gods and if they do, they are rather punished.

Tell me about a rumour you heard about the surrounding area.

It's about a group of bandits who kidnap beautiful women between the village and the next town and then sell them on the black market in the next bigger town.

Tell me a rumour you heard about one of your parents.

It is said that Ratash's father was once a great warlord, but he never talks about what happened in his past. 

Tell me what you believe about yourself/what you think is your greatest attribute?

Ratash thinks about making the world a better place. He wants that the children from his village don't have to suffer from hunger anymore and therefore he wants to make a name for himself to be heard by the big nobility. He wants the inhabitants of the village to get together to become a powerful population.

Tell me about your friends. (at least 2)

Ruak has known Ratash since childhood. Ruak has traveled a lot and tells Ratash about the world, which also makes Ratash dream. He belongs to a secret society that provides food and change for the villagers.


The falcon is his nickname. Ratash met him while hunting. As a team the two work together very well. Krakro flies up into the air and with shadow signs Ratash points to the ground when they hunt food in the steppes.

Tell me about your enemies / rivals. (at least 2)

A nasty guy who approaches Ratash's beloved Kahilia. He always leaves Ratash in a bad light and sabotages his performances. Kahilia is a daughter of the local silk merchant. She often wears a veil and giggles at Ratash's witty jokes.

A somewhat special rival of Ratash.At a hunting competition Ratash snatched the target in front of the eyes of Fiora. This awakened the fighting spirit in Fiora. Since then she always tries to win against Ratash in competitions. The main thing is that she is better than him. Over the years this has resulted in a rivalry.

The Maturing

What do you do for fun? What are your hobbies and pastimes?

Ratash likes to hunt in the steppes to collect food for the villagers. He considers himself a hero and loves the feeling of triumph. Sometimes he also lies down on the meadow and dreams of the wide empire.

What kind of work are you required to do? Do you have an apprenticeship? Or education?

Ratash is a hunter, but he does not hunt with bow and arrow but with his lowen power. Everything Ratasg knows, his father teached him.

Tell me about your teachers/mentors/masters. How was your relationship with them?

Ratash adores his father. He was not only his teacher but also his mentor. He taught him subjects about the balance between good and evil. He taught him to keep a cool head even in tricky situations.

What are you interested in outside of your work or studies? What are your passions?

Ratash tries to find a group of adventurers to join and make a name for himself in the world. His goal is to be heard by the nobility to eradicate poverty in the country.

Which of the divine faiths have caught your attention and why?

Elordan, the Weighted Hammer. It stands for the civilization and thus it stands like superordinate to the goal of Ratah

Tell me a rumour about one of your rivals.

It is said that sometimes in the tavern, when she is drunk, Fiora bargains with shady dealers in transit. Nobody can say what kind of goods are involved.

Tell me about a tragedy that you experienced.

At a hunting party, Ratash's uncle was attacked by a group of bandits. The uncle did not want to leave his booty to the bandits so they tied him to a big stone and rammed spears into his back. He bled to death on the stone. Ratash and his father found him two days later. Ratash's father set out to find the bandits and asked Ratash to wait for him at home. After another two days, Ratash's father returned home without a word about the success or failure of his own mission.



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