Kanka was born out of the desire of a passionate tabletop RPG player who wanted to build and manage a world with his players. After trying out a few available options and concluding that none of them fit quite right, development on Kanka started in the fall of 2017.



Founder & Lead Developer

I created Kanka in October 2017 because there was no tool that easily allowed me to create a world with my friends and still allow me to control who could see or do what.

In early 2020 I took a leap of faith to work full time on Kanka thanks to the support of friends and the community.

Jay | Ilestis#9745

Co-Founder & Business Manager

Jay and I have been friends for almost a decade, and it has been exciting to see him develop Kanka over the past couple years.

In early 2020, I joined Jay to handle both business development & marketing, and I haven’t looked back since!


Community Manager & Lead QA

I started using Kanka in early 2018 and was one of the first people to join the Discord. I promptly started making work for Jay by creating a whole list of possible features for the (then upcoming) calendars.

Nowdays I help out with the community on Discord and Reddit, and break new versions so you don't have to.




QA & Onboarding



Kanka is translated in other languages thanks to our amazing community. If you want to help translate Kanka into your language, contact us over on the Discord!

German: TheFurya, Yanila, Thogrim, Xoltax

Spanish: Helionking, Raigho

Catalan: Helionking

Italian: Dreadino, Arroagantes, VolpeNera

Hungarian: Kildar, Orkogo, orwen89

Brazilian Portuguese: Mire, JP, Republik

Croatian: Blaze

Hebrew: Beefpotato

Galician: Daenvil

Russian: Ilia

Slovak: Babcom

Polish: Gramel Books

Dutch: ThatChickenGuy

French: Ilestis

Hall of Fame

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