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Three Month Status Report

By Ilestis 1 year ago

In celebration of American English recently added to the app: Howdy y'all!

This took a bit more time than planned, but here is a medium sized report for the first three months since the app launch.



Top 10 countries

The app gets about 50-100 daily visits, with 66% being new users apparently.

Google believes that the biggest demographic are 18-34 year old (94% of users) males (91% of users). I am curious to know if the gender ratio is related to the general dm demographic as a whole, or if there is something related to the design or features of the app that is causing it.

Patreon covers all the hosting and domain name and then some! The extra will go to another domain name for the dutch version of the site, as well as server improvements.


The community around the app has been amazing! The support and encouragement I get daily is incredibly humbling and motivating.

What I would like to improve is the current setup somehow. Communications are mostly posted on Reddit to offer easy feedback with the community, but most accounts don't seem to have a reddit account. I also don't want to have to support 20 social media platforms, so I have to think about it some more.

I am tinkering with the idea of a general Discord to offer simple support, and chatting about the app in general, as well as RPGs and DMing. My only worry is that it would get out of control and be impossible to follow. I am also on the fence about building or using a forum in the app, as it seems outdated and convoluted.

Behind the scenes

As you probably have noticed, the app has been translated in various languages, based on people volunteering their free time and energy for it. I am incredibly grateful to these people!

Three developers from the Netherlands are currently in the process of joining me to help with development of the app. I hope to be able to say more once they get their hands dirty in the code :) 

Development of new features this year has been slower than the previous one, but I still have big plans for the app and the future. I just need a way to stop time to take care of everything :) I am aiming for a beta release by the end of spring.

Some of the biggest features I want to work on in the near future are:

That's about it for today! Hope you enjoyed this posted and I look forward to your continued support of the app.

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