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Version 0.20.0

Version 0.20.0

March 25, 2019


This update brings a new feature that has been requested several times per month for nearly a year. This feature was in part made easier by the last release's refactoring of the code base.

New Features

  • View As: Campaign admins can now impersonate a user of their campaign in the "Campaign > Members" view, to allow them to check how the permissions they set up will act. Campaign admins can't impersonate other campaign admins, can't access the Settings pages of the impersonated user, and can't make the impersonated user leave a campaign, but can still create/edit entities just as the user would.


  • API: A new "lastSync" parameter was added to filter out entities created or modified since a given timestamp.
  • Dashboard: The Recent widget has a new option to only show the most recently modified entity and include the description à la "preview" widget.
  • Conversations: New messages in a conversation update the conversation's "last modified" date (this isn't shown in the conversation interface but is useful for the API)
  • Export: Added support for Cyrillic and Greek text in the exports.
  • Frontend: Added mention of the API in the "Features" page.

Bug Fixes

  • Map: Map moving/zooming now works on mobile.
  • API: Fixed some wording issues.
  • Mobile: Tables now default to 100% width to avoid overflowing on smaller screens.
  • Character: Fixed a bug where the "personality visible" toggle could not be disabled.
  • Conversations: Files can again be attached to conversations.
  • Organisations: The Direct Members subpage displays even when there are no members in an org, to access the "Add member" feature.
  • Characters: The Organisations subpage displays even if the user is in no org for users who can edit the character to access the "Add character to an org" feature.

A huge thank you to all the amazing Patrons who make these frequent updates possible thanks to their support on Patreon! As always, feel free to join us on Discord to be part of the conversation.

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