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Release 0.32 - Soft Relaunch
Release 0.32 - Soft Relaunch
February 14, 2020
Release 0.31.1
February 9, 2020
Release 0.31
January 28, 2020
Roadmap Early 2020
January 13, 2020
Release 0.30.2
January 11, 2020

Version 0.13.1

Version 0.13.1

November 7, 2018

Please welcome 0.13.1, aka the Map Update!


  • Maps: #228, #230, #238, #239, #263,
    • It is now possible to upload a map from an URL (same restrictions to file sizes apply)
    • It is now possible to upload an SVG as a map. 
    • Map points can target any kind of entity.
    • The various map interfaces have been merged into a singular interface which has a "View" and an "Edit" mode.
    • Edit Mode: Adding, Moving, Updating and Deleting map points no longer refresh the page.
    • Added a Shape, Size and Icon options for map points. The Icon can be the picture of the target entity.
    • Added "none" as a background colour option.
    • You can now Ctrl+Scroll to zoom in and out of a map.
  • Quests: Quests can now have organisations and items attached to them. #264
  • Frontend: Redesign of the frontend footer to allow more pages to be linked. Added a Community and a Roadmap page. #265
  • Organisations: Organisations can now have a parent organisation, and two menus have been added: Direct Members, and All Members. Possibility to add members to an organisation directly in the form à la tags. #266
  • Organisation members can now be set to private, so that a character and an organisation can be visible to the campaign members, while keeping the character's membership private. #208
  • UI Improvements: Entity Notes now open in a bigger window. Breadcrumbs now have the campaign name instead of "Dashboard", and submenus include a link to the "index" view of that entity.
  • Datagrids and Filters: The "index" views of entities have been re-done to be clearer. Filters have been moved to a new UI element.

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