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Version 0.12.0

Version 0.12.0

October 17, 2018

0.11 we hardly knew ya, but it's already time for version 0.12! This release is heavily influenced by Patreon and the Future of Kanka.

New Features

  • Public Campaign: A new Public Campaign page has been added to the frontend, also accessible once logged in from "Other" menu in the sidebar. A new "Featured Campaigns" has been added which will allow us to highlight some awesome worlds that our community creates. #202
  • Patreon Linking: Users who support Kanka on Patreon can now link their accounts in the "Settings>Patreon" page. This unlocks higher upload file limits. #200
  • Patreon Hall Of Fame: a new section on the "About" page listing the amazing people who support Kanka on Patreon. #200


  • Exploration Mode: Improved the various "Exploration View" modes (locations, categories) to include a helper text explaining what the feature does, and adding some more enticing visual clues on what can be clicked. #203
  • Locations: Added an "Organisations" menu when viewing locations to view all orgs located in that location. #218
  • Images in rich text editor: Allow max-width and max-height to be set for responsive-sizes images.
  • Forms: It is now possible to "tab" to the rich select fields, allowing faster creation when on a computer.
  • Changed the field "sex" to "gender" on characters.
  • Pagination: Patrons can set their max pagination to 100. #200
  • Location Map: Patrons can now upload 10 MB maps to locations. #200

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problems with deleting pre-generated locations.
  • Fixed various UI issues.
  • Fixed errors on calendars with no week days causing errors.
  • Fixed the character and location count on quests not taking into account the permissions of the user.
  • Fixed character race filtering not working.
  • Fixed errors when deleting several races at the same time.
  • Fixed hiding location points in the "full view" not working.
  • Fixed an bug and error when deleting several entities at a time which deleted nested entities.
  • Fixed the "starter" entries now properly showing their foreign ids (locations, characters).
  • Fixed form issues when creating a "foreign entity" (for example a character's family) blocking the whole page if the foreign entity had an error while creating it. #215
  • Fixed problems with moving location map points losing the label or location link. #216
  • Fixed a problem with characters not loading if: the user is non-admin and had access to just one conversation (but not all) + that there was a conversation for characters + the conversation had no characters. #234

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