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Version 0.10.0

Version 0.10.0

September 3, 2018

Dear world builders, welcome to the 0.10 branch of Kanka! We've prepared some new features and a lot of improvements with this one, so buckle up!

New Features

  • Conversations: Added a new conversation module that allows talking between campaign members, or between campaign characters. [127]
  • Features Page: Added a Features page available on the landing site to showcase some more features of the app. [131]


  • UI: Mentions now include the entitiy's name in the tooltip. Tooltips in entity lists now also include the name in the tooltip. When clicking on the "Save" button of an entity, an animation is shown to avoid submitting the data twice. [115]
  • Location Map: Added the ability to have "Labels" instead of locations as map points. [139]
  • Quests: Added a "Parent Quest" field on quests to create nested quests. [136]
  • Menu Links: Added the option to specify the tab to be opened. [140]
  • Error Pages: Added some design elements to the various error pages (permissions denied, page not found, app under maintenance) with some extra text to help out. [150]
  • Calendars: Improved the visuals and copying a calendar will now also copy the months, weekdays and years. Also added a fast year switcher. [165]
  • Save Actions: Added plenty of actions when creating or updating entities. "Save and Update" means continue updating an entity. [168]
  • Better UI: Made a lot of changes to the app when browsing on a mobile device. Datagrids now only show the important fields, filters are hidden by default and can be displayed, and default buttons will only have the icon. Tooltips were also disabled on mobile devices which lack a mouse. [115]
  • Sidebar: Added the trello link in the sidebar. [154]
  • Location Map: Show target name in map point. [163]

Bug Fixes

  • Characters: Having an age "0" character will properly show the value instead of hiding it. [171]
  • Entity Events Tab: Calendars that the user doesn't have access to are now displayed as "Hidden". [175]
  • Fixed a bug where some people had the app open as "" instead of the supported "".
  • Fixed mentions in existing entities still pointing to the old urls.

As always, feel free to join us on discord to be part of the conversation.

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