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Nine Month Status Report

Nine Month Status Report

August 20, 2018

It's been just over nine months since the app was made available to the public, which means it's time for a quarterly status report!

Let's start off with some raw numbers.


  • 2839 accounts created
  • 26 accounts deleted
  • 1271 accounts logged in at least a second time (44%, up 4%)
  • No accounts logged in more often than I did (454 times), but ArcOnyx is catching up (426 times)


Top 10 countries

  • 34% of visitors are from the USA
  • 17% from France
  • 9% from Germany
  • 7% from the UK
  • 4% from New Zealand
  • 2% from Canada
  • 2% from Austria (new comer)
  • 2% from The Netherlands
  • 2% from Australia

Switzerland is no longer in the top 10!

The app gets about 80 daily visits. This value has been steady for 6 months, but session duration is going up (average of 9 minutes).

Google tells us that the biggest demographic are 18-34 year old (95% of users, going up) males (92.4% of users, down 0.2%).

Patrons on Patreon continue to be amazing and cover all hosting costs. We've nearly hit the 50$ goal a few times, but aren't quite there yet. It's difficult to not feel bad when people cancel their pledge, especially after just a month, but it's important not to take it to heart.


The community around the app continues to be amazing! The support and encouragement I get daily is incredibly humbling and motivating.

The Discord continues to grow (126 users, with about 10-15% "dead" accounts) with daily conversations, as well as people helping out each other when I'm away or sleeping, which is amazing. The subreddit has become incredibly quiet, especially with users encounting errors in the app now pushed to the Discord.

Behind the scenes

The summer heat didn't allow for much work to be done on the app, but one of the biggest features was deployed: Public Campaigns. The QA team continues to do an amazing work at finding issues before the users.

Some of the big features I want to work on in the upcoming quarter are:

  • Conversations between users and characters
  • New search
  • Visualization of entities and their relationships
  • New icons
  • Dedicated mobile app with offline support
  • Videos that dive into various features

Helping Out

We are always welcoming to people who want to help out! Being the only developer makes it hard for me to find time to work on all the features I want for the app, as well as manage testers, translators, videos and content. Some skills that could help out include:

  • PHP programing, preferably with the Laravel framework
  • Javascript programing with good knowledge in jQuery
  • SEO knowledge or even expertise. The app needs to be better advertised on search engines.
  • Translators: Helping out with existing languages, or translating in new languages.
  • QA testers: People who have time to test new features and break things.

If you have any experience in some of these fields and want to help out, please contact me on reddit, discord or [email protected]

That's about it for today! Hope you all enjoyed this posted and I look forward to your continued support of the app.

As always, come say hi on the Discord, and thank you for using Kanka!

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