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Version 0.27.0

Version 0.27.0

September 25, 2019

The long awaited improved mentions are here!

New Features

  • Mentions v3
    • Instead of injecting links when mentioning an entity with '@', a shorthand is now injected instead which allows users to control the text on the link, as well as which tab or subpage the link goes to. This new tooltip engine avoids issues with private entities being mentioned and non-admins users seeing things they shouldn't in the tooltips. All mapped mentions that the app knew about have been converted to the new syntax


  • Dashboard
    • Campaign admins can now control the size of widgets on their dashboard.
    • A "full text" option has been added to the Preview widget, allowing the whole entity to be displayed automatically.
  • Attributes
    • New option to hide all attributes from non-admin users.
    • New button to delete all attributes of an entity.
    • New sections attribute type and new layout.
  • Relations: the attitude field has been made optional.
  • Journals: the Relations tab has been added to journals.

Bug Fixes

  • Entity Files: this widget now also works on sub-pages of an entity.

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