We hold frequent worldbuilding events for our community with our favourite entries showcased.

Bury the winner ⚰️

Bury the winner ⚰️

October 17th 2020 - October 28th 2020

Hey everyone,

We're very happy to announce the start of our second worldbuilding event!

Now, you know us by now, we love to make things as silly as we can, so in true Kanka spirit, we're going have some fun with it.

Halloween is fast approaching, and so we figured the theme should be something spooky/macabre. The rules are quite simple, submit a Death Tradition or Ghost Story of significant importance in your world, with a few details as to why it is important. This could be as simple as building mausoleums, throwing people in a volcano, or intricate stories about how your world deals with invasions of ghosts. Extra points if Kankappy shows up in the story 🎃

Try to keep your submissions precise and concise, no need to write a book.

Once the event is finished, we will take a couple days to look over your submissions, and announce the winner! As Guardian was the winner of the previous competition, he will also be part of the jury. I hear he like to take bribes, so do with that information as you will.

Now, I like a challenge, so within reason I will try to create a small video illustrating your tradition/ghost story. Expect a lot of terrible shots in the dark with only candles for lighting, no matter what your submission is (I just like candles 🕯️).

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing what all of you come up with!

4 entries submitted.

Event Winners

Our jury selected the following submissions as winners for the event.

Rank Submitter Link to the entity
# 1 alienleprechaun View submission
Honorable mention Charalampos Koundourakis View submission
Honorable mention Babcom View submission