We hold frequent worldbuilding events for our community with our favourite entries showcased.

A Race To Remember 🐎

A Race To Remember 🐎

April 18th 2021 - April 30th 2021

Welcome to our latest event!

So we've kind of been digging around in our heads, trying to find a topic we both liked, and we decided that this time round, we wanted to go with racing!

Quite simply, we are interested in the lore, the history, the rules, as well as the prizes surrounding one of the races in your world. As usual, your campaign must be public in order to submit your entry.

This time round, we will be making it a bit more rewarding to participate, as the winner will not only have the right to be on the jury for the next contest, but will also get a brand new Discord role and will have their campaign featured on our featured campaigns for a month!

We both look forward to seeing your submissions 😊

4 entries submitted.

Event Winners

Our jury selected the following submissions as winners for the event.

Rank Submitter Link to the entity
# 1 Dany Lewin View submission
Honorable mention Kapirklaa View submission