Dashboard Ashain, the Land of Roads

Lawful Good Deities

Veritas, the god of justice, truth, and strength. Guardian of the Sun Road. A major deity, often worshipped by paladins. Holy symbol is a two-headed axe made of multicolored glass.

The Seawaker, the deity associated with the wilderness and good-aligned nocturnal creatures and lycanthropes. Another major deity, guardian of the Tide Road. Holy symbol is either a downward-facing sword with a blue blade or a conch shell.

Neutral Good Deities

The Hearthkeeper, deity of hospitality, protection, and the hearth and forge. Often associated with birds, as well as an upturned golden crescent. Guardian of the Rising Road.

Chaotic Good Deities

Frostlash, a war deity of the Northlands. Iconography includes war-whips and ceremonial scimitars and daggers made from glass or silver.

Lawful Neutral Deities

The Archivist, god of knowledge. His followers are devoted to gathering and spreading knowledge, and in collecting artifacts both ancient and arcane. God of the Wildoak Road. Holy symbols are an open book or a hand holding a laurel wreath.

The Silver Veil, goddess of mourning and funerals. Holy symbols are silver skulls and dove feathers.

True Neutral Deities

The Unbroken, god of the oceans, tempests, and redemption. His holy symbol is a lightning bolt with an arched blue dragon.

The Moon-Seeker, deity of journeys, of the Hidden Roads, and of both merchants and thieves. Their holy symbols include compasses, sextants, and coins.

Chaotic Neutral Deities

The Subtle Knife, a trickster archetype whose holy symbols are various and...well, subtle.

She-Who-Smiles, the goddess of actors, disguises, and outsiders. Her most common holy symbol is a smiling mask.

Lawful Evil Deities

Februus, god of death and dominion. The eater of souls. His holy symbols include scrolls and rowan berries. 

Neutral Evil Deities

Light-That-Howls, an evil light goddess associated with destruction, wildfires, and sacrifice. Her holy symbols are flames and clawed hands, and she is often a warlock patron.

Chaotic Evil Deities

The Crawling Dark , deity of darkness, the void, and undead. Said to be the creator, specifically, of vampires and ghouls. Holy symbol is the image of a bat with a skull head.

Maw, deity of consumption. Iconography includes gaping mouths and jewelry made from teeth.