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Continent of Elria

This work is a manuscript drafted by Adlai P. Votsis to be completed according to the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Ethnographic Anthropology in the College of Archaeomancy.

Field observation has been approved for this study under the supervision of Augusta Tullus, Dean of Order, Lorehold Campus, Strixhaven.

Potential Abstract for Dissertation:

Numerous efforts to provide comprehensive accounts of cultural norms and traditions abound, emphasizing the investigation of social contexts which have largely remain understudied - as well as (list other reasons). Despite this, seldom are efforts ever devoted to begin research in planes which have not yet been given attention by the Strixhaven Inter-Planar Research Committee. As such, (explain importance of case study of this continent and how I chose this continent and why). This study (explain how research was conducted, findings, etc.)

Note: Before setting out, purchase several extra quills and triple check the seal on the ink bottles to make sure my notes aren't destroyed on this trip like they were during my last project.

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List of Territories Discovered:

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  • Alestor
  • Fellen
  • Mjol
  • Soman Yah
  • Svet Menengrad
  • Zuria

Entity list

Table of Contents
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Irwie Gemstone (example)
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Dagger of Darkness (example)
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Genory (example)
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Ulyss (example)
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James Owlchester (example)
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