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The caster draws their own spilt blood into a weapon to wield. The caster chooses a type of melee weapon and conjures a version of it suitable to their size but the caster loses either 5 max health for a one handed weapon or 10 max health for a two handed weapon. This weapon lasts for 5 plus casting modifier minutes and once the spell ends or is dispelled, the max health is returned to the caster. The weapon counts as a magical version of the chosen weapon that deals its damage through Warding instead of Armour and uses the casting modifier instead of the caster’s Strength for bonus damage. If the weapon is destroyed or disarmed, it immediately reforms in the caster’s hands but the caster cannot throw the weapon or give it to another individual to wield. If the caster suffers Bleeding damage while wielding the weapon, the damage suffered is added to the damage of this weapon in the same round.


Spell Levels
Druid 5th, Wizard/Sorcerer 5th, Cleric 5th [Domain Only]
Action Cost
1 Swift Action
Saving Throw

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