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Arthindol was a famous builder during his lifetime, he was well known for incorporating powerful magic within his structures.

First Contract

Old Owl Well

Arthindol grew in Old Phandalin with his younger borther Radahn. He was always interested in construction. Sometime in the year 780, Aldith Tresendar, the founder of the city, hired Arthindol to construct an outpost to the east, he named it Owl Well.


An Orc tribe attacked the city in 796, Arthindol grabbed Radahnand the two ran to Owl Well to hide, Arthindol told Radahn that he must hide, and no matter what he hears, he must never get out.

He lowered Radahn down the well. When suddenly the sky turned red, as an Archdemon appeared in front of Arthindol, seeing the opportunity to strike a bargain. The Demon presented himself as Moloch and offered Arthindol to save himself and his brother for eternal servitude. Without asking any questions, Arthindol agreed.

Moloch striked down Arthindol and raised his corpse as a Lich, as he was brought back to life, Arthindol screamed in pain. content with his newly aquired agent of destruction he vanished.

Arthindol, now a Lich, stood strong above the well and fought off hordes of Orcs that rushed to kill both him and Radahn, he killed them in mere seconds with his newly aquired powers. After the fight he floated down the well and told Radahn that they must stay apart in order to keep him safe. Radahn wasn't afraid when he saw his dead brother and listened to what Arthindol said.

Arthindol touched Radahn's forearm, marking him permanently with a blue scar, and Radahn fell asleep.

Keeping Radahn Safe

Old Owl Well

Using his newly aquired powers Arthindol enchanted the well, making it capable of sustaining Radahn while he's asleep. He didn't know yet how strong he was, and how long is Radahn going to sleep. Arthindol thought he'd leave him safe in the enchanted well until he'll wake up. Not knowing that his Sleep spell together with the well's enchantments made Radahn go into a coma inside the well.

Arthindol decided to go back to Old Phandalin to look for survivors, but all he found was ruins of a destroyed city, the Orcs destroyed everything and moved on.

He continued toward Neverwinter hoping to find someone who will talk to him, all he had on his mind is finding someone to take care of Radahn, thinking that a Lich will never be accepted among other humans and that he will not be able to keep his brother safe.

After a few days he reached Neverwinter, seeing the walls of the city are standing strong still, he realized the Orcs couldn't take it down and probably passed around it to get to Old Phandalin. He approched the south gate when he heard a shout: "Death is in our gates!" A rain of arrows showered from the walls of the city and the alarm was sounded.



Arthindol reacted to the assault from Neverwinter with a powerful magical counterstrike, killing the front guards, he realized that everytime he kills Humans he feels a surge of power running through his bony body, as if he was built to murder humans.

Starting an all out war against the Neverwinter armed guards, Arthindol realized he can raise the dead, as he was doing that he felt that his new powers are making him an enemy to anything he ever loved.

Realizing he has no way of talking to people and finding someone to take care of Radahn he decided to exile himself from Human society to avoid unnecessary murder. He let the zombies he raised fight the Neverwinter guards as he ran through town towards the docks, taking the first boat he saw and sailing away towards the horizon, hoping to never meet another human, for he knows the voices in his mind will make him kill them.



After a few days of sailing through the Istdelu Sea, Arthindol reached Gaka, a remote island to the west. He parked his boat on the shores and burned it so he'll never be able to return to Maar. Thinking the killing is behind him, he continued deeper into the island until he reached a city. He tried to stay hidden and avoid it, but the voices in his mind took control over his actions and he started murdering the denizens of Drawlsky in a methodical fashion.

Every murdered victim was raised as a Zombie and just in a few days the entire city was turned. Devestated and angry, Arthindol was furious with himself, the decision to save Radahn and himself had such a high price, he killed over 10,000 people for the life of only 2 people.


Arthindol's Tower

Mad with anger and regret, Arthindol tried taking his own life, he threw himself off a mountain but stayed alive. Realizing death is not an option, Arthindol decided to confine himself using his own magical powers.

He built a Tower on the western part of Gaka, enchanting every stone with Dispel Magic spell, making the entire tower magic proof. Sadly for him the Undead that he raised are still roaming Gaka.

Arthindol made the Tower his permanent new home, for inside it he couldn't hear the voices in his mind, and he knew that without the voices he is not dangerous to Humans.

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