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Glory did not await. Sometimes even the best laid plans get derailed. And ours was indeed simple.

We were to scale the wall, and then sneak into the keep, and then clean it from inside. But the moment Oswick and I climbed up, we were greeted by two feline archers. Rushing to the window, we surprised three feline warriors armed with spears.

As Oswick and I fought them, I could see mighty Gorash fall under the arrows—and poor lad, I just handed him over Conciencia! Halfling, wounded by the archer, succumbed to one of the cat's spears; in revenge I cut it open, and in anger, threw it into the abyss. Never have I enjoyed the sound of cracking bones more. 

Hats and Artzua quickly joined me, and as things started to look good for us, the unimaginable happened. All I could see is a pillar of flame engulfing the passage where Yello, Shay, and Crane were shooting from.

Outnumbered, we opted to flee. I jumped down, and almost broke my ankle. Passing my immolated comrades, I only felt remorse for Shay. He seemed like a fair fellow.

It was a quiet journey home. Hats and I drank in silence, whilst Artzua was reciting her prayers. I held Conciencia, but she hasn't said anything. Well, she wanted to be wielded by other, so she got it.

Redwood castle notes:

  • Orbs can paralyze, and kill with their stare.
  • Conciencia might be divine, not arcane.
  • There is a magic user who resides on the top level of the keep; he can cast fire ball, and has some sort of protection against missiles.
  • The magic user commands feline creatures.

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