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My body isn't what it used to be. It has taken me nearly two weeks to fully recover from the ordeal I suffered in the last expedition.

I spread the word that I'm trying to avenge my fallen comrades, hoping that some daring souls would step up in return for a piece of share.

But alas, people were more willing to pay for my ale and listen my tale, than guts to join me. Only two serious adventurers approached me.

One was a pompous elf going under the name of Calamatix. He sure had a lot of requests that had nothing to do with treasure. I admit that I haven't really paid attention to most of his babbling. He seemed well armed, and that's all I care for.

The other was a young man called Tom Penn. He did seem a bit nervous, but ready, willing, and able. And that's all a man needs!

Tom seemed to be a much faster learner than boisterous elf. I repeatedly tried to explain that we need more manpower before taking on the beast from the cavern, but Calamatix kept repeating how he has no qualms facing the beast alone.

Maybe he'd have a different opinion had he witnessed the same things I did.

In the end we decided to follow his rumour about abandoned elven city. We marched for day and a half and found a ruined keep just north of Redwood.

We decided to go back to Redwood to resupply and plan our next expedition.

Given my age and injuries, I believe that I should consider taking the back line, replace my plate mail for something lighter, and get myself a crossbow.

There are plenty of young lads like Tom who can seek glory on the front line.

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