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How many lives do I have left?

This expedition was a costly one, resulting in Luxia's and Emmett's death, as well as three mercenaries.

And all because of greed and carelessness.

We went back to the same cave as we last time. The entrance was blocked by a table, so we decided to go through a nearby cave.

There we managed to awake a big, fat, beast — that I suspect might be an ogre — and it wasn't pleased to see us. Luxia tried to bribe it with silver necklace and some gold, but alas, it did not work.

We turned back to the previous entrance. As soon as we knocked it down we could hear screaming and screeching from the caves. Luxia was eager to press on, so we did.

Her eagerness quickly devolved into carelessness. Upon listening at the second doors, she kicked them open, and we were greeted by a volley of arrows, and an array of spears.

Those hairy bastards were well organised, much better than the lot we've disposed of before.

Emmett was shot down as we were fleeing, and I myself was badly wounded whilst covering Luxia as she was retrieving gold from Emmett's warm corpse.

I don't know how many times I've been struck by an arrow, but I felt like my ribs are broken. I could barely breath, and I could think straight. Power left my hands. I could feel that my armour was giving in…

Somehow we managed to get out, only to be greeted by the most grotesque sight.

The mass of flesh we previously awoke was ripping one of our mercenaries, limb by limb. Others were nowhere to be seen.

As I was leaning on the cave entrance, Luxia leaped towards the beast—it's unfathomable to me what was she trying to accomplish—and the feeble looking peasant we retained charged alongside her.

I've managed to retreat into the Darkwood forest, and watch the tragic spectacle from afar. The peasant was crushed in a single blow, and so was Luxia.

The hairy bastards seemed to cheer on.

And the most painful part?

All the gold was with Luxia.

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