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2 days ago Yakko Gwendog

Yakko Gwendog: Yakko is a midget with scruffy blonde hair and a windburned face with deep-set laugh lines. He is known for professional-grade insults, a fondness for the bizarre side of life, and a fine sense of disturbing but excellent songs.

He learned from the great singer Max Cambreadth, and is skillful with a guitar.

Lord McKee is touchy about his weight, as he learned too late. Yakko's treatments from the Dorgoil have left him quite immune to normal pain. 

DRESSED IN: A black denim tunic and high leather boots. 

POSSESSIONS: guitar, a notebook of lyrical compositions, a few poetry books, a camp hatchet, and a bullroarer (a strange device that creates a unique vibrato hum when spun). 

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1 week ago Reux

Visit the Reux Discord Server.

Reux (pronounced 'rooks') is a village in the heart of Sedgemoor. There are seven main families, and a population of 220. They've been having a hard time lately.

Elder Murdagh was the last of the thegns. He was eighty-two when he was found spontaneously combusted in his home on 1 King's Week RP 268. It was then that a meeting was called to name a council of aldermen to rule in his stead.

The seven prominent clans are MacKee, Sharpe, Brewer, Standish, Kent, Thomasson, and Barrett. There are others, but they are neither numerous nor prominent. Of these seven, all but Thomasson own longhouses in the town center. The Thomasson clan is split, and its living members live among the Sharpe and Barrett houses.

Most of Reux is made of sod or wattle and daub. The exceptions are the six longhouses in town, which are built of petrified wood blocks, with lacquered goatskin roofs. That, and the stone priory, where Karna is worshiped among several smaller gods, including Speed, and Tarkus of the hunt.

A single Hadrus named Hamish is co-owned by MacKee, Sharpe, and Barrett. Hamish* knows how to pull a plow, mainly. Don't imagine that there aren't fights about who gets to use Hamish.

There's an orchard called Abhlord half a mile out of town. Young 'uns go there to get frisky, and the apples and pears provide for the town's supply of scrumpy and pabulum.

Rooks all grow yams in their personal gardens, and most of their trade shepherding or tending goats. There's a canidaur named Publius around town who makes cheese, and a Sandringer named Sakarias who runs a smithy. Other than that, almost every Roux in town is human. 



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1 week ago Goblin

Goblins are wild fey obsessed with fire and destruction, but perversely gifted with drive and intellect. They besiege towns with mechanical creations that could only come from a diseased mind. They have great respect for craftsmanship, however.

The goblin nations are a loose cooperative of subterranean collectives around the continent. Goblin collectives are run like a business whose export is destruction. Their own currencies vary in exchange value against one another based on how destructive that clan has been in the previous quarter, and are mercifully not limited to committing crimes against humans.

Hit Loc # Armor Hit Boxes Shocked Status 
Head 10   ▢▢▢▢ Bursts into Flame
Chest 7-9   ▢▢▢▢▢ ▢▢▢▢▢ Body Stat to 1d
L Arm 5-6   ▢▢▢▢ Numb
R Arm 3-4   ▢▢▢▢ Numb
L Leg 2   ▢▢▢▢ Half Speed
R Leg 1   ▢▢▢▢ 1 y/turn if both


Annwn Native: Immune to any fire or heat damage. They have long periods of laziness, but never seem to sleep.  

Solar Aversion: Goblins are not welcome in Karnum, and they feel the judgment of Karna wherever they go. They are highly uncomfortable in daylight. All skill checks made in direct sunlight are halved

Destructive Creativity: They can create Devices that run amok. These usually take months to build, and are powered by the semi-sentient balefires of Annwn. Each Device requires a titan's heart, a rare and magical gem found deep beneath mountains, which acts as a conduit for the raw power required to operate these infernal devices.

The Brand of Doom: A goblin rite of passage, in which the youth is branded with the rune of a nameless demon. Its effect is that should the goblin ever fall in combat, it catches fire and explodes into several pieces, setting several fires. This causes an Area 6 attack, with 1SK of blast damage within 3 yards.