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Kanka will be moving to new servers on Monday the 6th of July 2020. We expect the website to be unavailable from 09:00 AM to 01:00 PM UTC while we move to the new servers. Updates will be posted on our Discord.

Character - Recently modified

1 month ago Ariadne Brae

A fastidious woman in her sixth age (30ish). Motivated and bright-eyed, but a little rough around the edges. She was hired by Sir Xande Eastwood on 1 Morningstar, 268 RP for the expedition to Oldtown.

She was slain on 5 Morningstar RP 268, her neck broken by a wild demigryph.


DRESSED IN: dun leather boots, a dark brown leather jerkin, black long pants, dark-green skullcap, and a grey cloak. 

POSSESSIONS: map of legal hunting territory (annotated with areas of banditry or poor hunting), bone scrollcase, hatchet, knives, rope, salt, deer piss flask. 

ARMS & ARMOR: longbow (w+1), steel broadhead arrows (10 ea, SK), iron bodkin arrows (6 ea, K-1, AP1), leather armor, machete

Threat 2, as above (longbow) or wK (machete)

Contract: 50 gold crowns up front, another 50 upon arrival.


Location - Recently modified

1 month ago Breccia

A duchy, once the keepers of Helmantir. Breccia has not had a king in some time. It is a series of baronies that are subordinate to the Grand Duke. The main difference is that the grand duke has less power than a king, and the lower nobility has more local influence. Each corner of the peninsula is ruled according to local custom and legal precedent, and taxes are collected entirely at their discretion.

Cult of Karna has no hold here. The Pontiff of Alnwick cast aside the love of light more than a century ago, and Karna has rescinded his grace from the land. In consequence, Brecland is dark and rainy, with frequent lightning. Rain comes from the northeast, and hits Brecland first. The dramatic architecture of the land is seemingly built to compliment this kind of weather. Palais D'Brec looks very strange on a sunny day, it's said - but the rumor is not easily verified.

As a means of improving their political power, noble houses are said to commonly create conspiracies and employ assassins and spies in their worthless machinations.

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Race - Recently modified

1 month ago Earth Dragon

The earth dragon is a rare magical fungus that thrives in the shade of gloomy, stuffy, brooding woods far inland, usually preferring areas with plenty of tree cover, and little wind or rain.

The parch lúgfaer or earth dragon as it is alternately named by scholars and in folklore, begins life as a cat-sized spore colony, commonly referred to as a dirt serpent. These are fairly common in the habitats they favor. They are mobile at this point, luring bugs and mice with a sweet, meat-like scent.

In time, the dirt serpent colony will grow into an earth dragon, a colony as large as a tree. It will eat birds, bats, and flerges. At this stage it is able to subsist in soil as a plant, or roam in search of prey.

They are not incredibly dangerous as predators in themselves, but some do hunt men, given the chance. Earth dragons exude a psychogenic toxin that attracts and corrupts Flower Pixies, causing them to loiter around the tree and breed out of control. This attracts Flerges, and the parch lúgfaer is one of the few creatures who can eat those disgusting beasts.

A study of the earth dragon conducted by an agent of the Cambion's Archive revealed that it is not a single organism at all, but a collection of different fungi and mycogenic mechanisms that function as a disparate whole. The agent never returned from their second expedition.