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Boost campaign


On 04/02/16, a digital video file was passed to the Special Access Program from NSA.

The video had been uploaded to a pro-Jihadist file-sharing service and appears to show an unnatural event taking place territory controlled by the so-called Islamic State. It was removed from the file-sharing service after only 53 minutes. Nevertheless, the file has been shared online by both pro-Jihadists and anti-Jihadists alike to argue whether the video is a hoax, that the video is real, or that the video is proof of the righteousness of one side or another in the Syrian Civil War. Online efforts towards further obfuscation and confusion are ongoing, aided by large numbers of independent actors with a variety of motives. Yes, the fact that the video was uploaded on 04/01/16 has not been overlooked.

Your team will proceed to northern Iraq where they will coordinate national and allied intelligence assets to determine the location of the incursion, assess its potential threat matrix, and neutralize those threats by any means necessary......


2018 - FBI vs OUTLAWS

In order to further his obsession with "cleaning up" the unnatural, Rogue Agent Unknown assembled a Task Force, nicknamed by the FBI as "The Unknown", illegally drawing resource from the departments of Defense, Justice, Homeland Security, and the Treasury among others.

The first task assigned to Unknown and Unknown with what was probably Unknown on the loose, which led the REAL FBI to initiate Unknown which didn't end so well, with Unknown, most of the team dead after the arrival of a Unknown who was dispatched by Unknown

Unknown and Unknown survived the incident.

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