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Mirt's Mansion

The most famous landmark around Castle Ward's docks, this stronghold is home to one of Waterdeep's richest ex-adventurers, recently returned to Waterdeep after long being thought dead. Once a glowering fortress-like tower, it has been rennovated in more delicate architectural styles since the return of its long-absent owner.

  • Address

    The Mountainside, Downcastle, Castle Ward

  • Type


  • Lifestyle


  • Occupant(s)

    Mirt the Moneylender, a famous ex-adventurer commonly considered to be the only known member of the Masked Lords.

  • Once known as Mirt the Merciless and the Old Wolf, Mirt made a fortune and carved out a reputation as an adventurer and philanderer. Today, an older and wiser Mirt serves as a Harper representative. The years have not worn him down, and though he has grown soft in the flesh, he remains deceptively strong, vigorous, and clear of mind. Mirt has survived the passing of centuries by means of magic.

    Despite his prodigious girth, Mirt can move with good speed when he must, and he hasn't let his adventuring skills wither. His wife, Asper, passed away several years ago, and his rambling mansion has seen better days. Mirt spends his days embroiled in politics and whiles away his nights in drink and debauchery.

  • Potential Resources Consumables
  • Poisons are the craft of those seeking to eliminate their rivals with minimal bloodshed, and the tool of calculating murderers wishing to remove an obstacle to their own power base. Poison is the nectar of vipers, delivered through a swift bite and allowing their victims to convulse and then perish, allowing the viper to dine.

    This supplement is meant to give a number of options to those players and Dungeon Masters that enjoy utilizing such things, and each listed poison is a new concoction ready to provide both grief and joy. Feel free to elaborate upon the origins of each toxin, as well as how it is regularly utilized by the assassins of your campaign setting.

    Each toxin has a number of statistics which determines effectiveness, available information, and the method by which a victim may avoid a gruesome fate while in the clutches of the poison.

    Identifying Poisons

    Many poisons are virtually unknown to those that do not study the subject. The Knowledge Check is a reflection of the relative obscurity to have knowledge of the toxin, as well as providing a Difficulty for a  Wisdom (Medicine) skill checks to treat the poison.


    This is the cost of one effective dose of the poison. It is not possible to use or apply poison in any quantity smaller than one dose. The purchase and possession of poison is almost always illegal, and even in big cities it can only be obtained from very specialized, and often less than reputable sources.

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