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Talina Talius Harlian is short even by gnomish standards, with neatly bundled brown hair atop her head. She spends her time perfecting her poison dosages via animal tests, disengaged from the social scene of Zilargo. As a valo for the Trust she acts with professionalism, preferring poisons that work silently rather than make a scene.

Source: Politics of Zilargo

The influence of Kythri supports magic tied to change and transmutation, and these are vital to the society of the Dominion. Hal’kyth is the heart of the alchemical industry. While all great cities harvest the blood of the kar’lassa, it is Hal’kyth that has the greatest capacity for refining it. Though the Dominion is slow to innovate, the artificers of Hal’kyth are an exception, and they continue to develop new techniques; the plasmids discussed in chapter 8 were first magebred in Hal’kyth.

Source: Exploring Eberron

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