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The isolated Isle of Luachmhar (pronounced like 'Lockmer') sits now in the Irish Sea, a thin barrier against the progress of Norman expansion. The Vikings settled this land long ago, and still lay claim to its soil; but no king has truly conquered the teeming wilderness and independent spirit of its peoples. Longships often dash against the rocks which guard the island's shores, and far travelers speak quietly about the unspeakable dangers that lurk deeper into the land.

Residents of the island, though, find these tales laughable; it's a place to live, like any other. A number of small communities populate the island: Tullach Port, Inishmore, and Ballingort, made of a handful of clans each. There are also some eccentric and accepting folks in GlaisinkylIf one uses their wits, and trusts the wisdom of their fathers, they can avoid all of nature's pitfalls and reap her bounties. 

Reality, however, falls somewhere in the middle. The island's isolation makes it the ideal home for any folk who wish to avoid prying eyes; Faerie, Cambion, Nephilim, Genie, Werewolf, and even Vampire may be found along its shores (just to name a few). This has long been the case, and many otherwise mortal natives of the island have "supernatural" ancestors somewhere along their family line, even if they don't know it. 

However, wherever those of the "other side" congregate, so too do any number of maledictions, beasts, and demons. Far from the prying eyes of the mainland hunters, dangerous beings do indeed roam the island and its surrounding waters. Many wish the same as the human residents - for peace in isolation - but others seek strong prey, whether by way of flesh or of innocent souls. Such is life, though; if you're crazy enough to wander in the wilds at night, only God knows where you'll turn up.

And, of course, the Mountain holds its secrets; The Monastery guards the entrance to a Nexus, which The Slingers, a loosely organized cadre of mages, help to keep watch over. It calls upon otherworldly energies, allowing spirits to pass through into our world, as well as spreading Mana for mortal use. This Nexus is a battleground for power in the spiritual realm, and these beings often involve mortals in their struggles for control over the endless fountain of energy.

Medieval fantasy RP! Drama! Intrigue! Romance!

The system we're using is GURPS 4e, but we've tailored the experience to be a breeze for newbies and experienced players alike! Pretty much all source material is contained within Kanka (exception: spellcasting), so finding what you want will be a breeze.

Play-by-post. Living World. You know you're the hero in your own story, but are you the villian in someone else's? 

Sun is a awkward, seemingly unfeeling vampire, the only lust he feels is one of hunger and bloodlust. He bears no armor, nor a sword, rather a veiled hood and cloak, worn out boots, and a fashioned bow. His physique is foreign, an oriental flare not seen in many others in Luachmhar. Every word that comes out of his mouth is strangled with unknowing confusion, his mother tongue nothing like the language spoken in the Isle. 

  • Height: 5'11''
  • Weight: 168lbs. 
  • Shy, though strong he is unbecoming of others, rather feeling safe by his lonesome than coming out to confront someone, other than with the need to feed.
  • Untrusting, through his past experiences, he is general untrusting of others, finding it difficult to understand both others and his own emotions.
  • Fidgety, often shy and nervous, when put into an uncomfortable situation he may be overcome with a shaky hand or sudden unneeded breaths.
  • Nervous, when in a situation he is not familiar, though used to rough ground, civilization is a foreign thought, interaction a playground he’d rather not experience most of the time. 
  • Judgmental, whether he realizes it or not, he scrutinizes most if not everyone he comes across, at least the few he does. Feeding is not an issue, though when in a more cordial scenario, it isn’t uncommon for him to jump to conclusions rather quickly, no matter the intention.

Sun Yat-sen was a Chinese farmhand on the coast of Northern Indochina, his family poor and having too many hands to feed, sold him as a ship’s hand though rather than working he quickly fell into a cycle of sickness and ailment. Stowing away and harboring passage, he eventually found himself on the Isle of Luachmhar. Having a decent tolerance to magic and damage, he was quickly bought and snatched up by a Vampire who lurked in the docks at the time. Due to his resilience, he was blessed or rather cursed with the affliction of vampirism, his skin ever pale and always to be the age of twenty-one. The following days turned to months, half a year would pass, his Master, a sadistic man, never shying away at testing the limits of his resiliency to pain and magic. One night, as the breeze picked up and snow laden the ground, he found his opportunity to escape, running fast and hard, into nature. 

Default: Special

This is the ability to play a musical instrument. With a successful skill roll, you give a competent performance. You must specialize in a particular instrument. Defaults between specialties range from -3 for similar instruments to “no default” for utterly unrelated ones, such as Musical Instrument (Drums) and Musical Instrument (Harp).

This skill includes the ability to read music in your culture’s notation system (if any). To see what instruments are present in the setting, view the full text of this skill. Musical Instrument.