An Odyssey of the Dragonlords campaign. Set in Thylea, the story follows the Oracle's Chosen as they try to save the world from almost certain destruction and fulfil their own personal prophecies ...

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We lingered around the Siren’s Roost to try and wait, but without word of when he planned to return, we left word where we were heading and a few hours later went to the Temple of the Five to seek information.

We met a curious young man just outside who sought an audience with Vallus and had been told that if he could bring someone of deep wisdom or incredible beauty that she would grant him some time. He seemed infatuated with the queen and asked Braz, for his deep wisdom, and Calliope, for her beauty, to come with him to present to Vallus.

In truth, he may have things backwards- watching Calliope over the past few weeks as she worked to shore up the defenses of Estoria, or piece together the memories lost to her from centuries past, she is much brighter than perhaps she lets people see.

Also, without being rude to my companions, but none of them have the flanks or magnificent tail to be true beauties, if such vanity is what appeals.

Vallus of course is a canny ruler. By the time the young man had extolled the virtues of my friends and their many accomplishments his infatuation had completely transferred to them. He even offered a betrothal ring to Calliope to accept him, whilst the rest of us were left smiling at our bard’s discomfort with the situation.

As they hashed out a polite refusal, I approached the high priest and discussed what had brought me here. The madness that had affected my squirrel friend, keeping him trapped in his animal form instead of the gnome we knew him to be was a madness beyond my ability to cure. The good priest however, was able to restore him to his wits with an incantation and with a loud thump, the gnome hit the floor, looking terrified at us all around him.

Herkus, as he introduced himself, was a gnome of the Oldwoods Circle. He had been poisoned after confronting Demetria in the mossy temple and his sanity taken from him in the mushrooms of the grove. He pledged his thanks and a promise of service to us for freeing him.

As we were discussing his next steps to return, Helikaon caught up with us, angrily shouting at Vallus for the injustice he had seen in the city- Minotaurs being beaten and driven, or used in one sided battles that would effectively spell their sacrifice.

Vallus did not condone the violence that was being done and bid us to do what we could to restore the law to the city if we uncovered what was going on.

Slaves, sacrifices and kidnappings. So much for civilised life.

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1 day ago Xanthia - Session 53

The below is a record written by witnesses following the Yellow Bird of the Cerulean Coast, as she began her journey joining The Oracle's Chosen. 


We believe the party continued on their way to a waterfall where they are promised there is a ‘mythical forge’ beyond the waterfall. Over 4 days the party arrive at the Mithril Forge.

When they arrive Alke disappeared off with one of the strong dwarves. Hipofilius went to talk to another about a small acorn. Braz headed into a room that looks a little destroyed and begins to tidy it up.

Theo showed Xan the waterfalls, hidden by the many tunnels in the forge. She describes it as a big secret warehouse. To Xan’s delight Theo shows her a huge waterfall which is perfect for Xan’s plans for teaching him how to sail. He also takes her to a huge hole in the ground - it looked incredibly deep and even when Theo threw a stone down, it did not hit the ground.

They returned to the waterfalls. On the way Theo voices his concerns about his height, and whether he will be able to hold his own in the boat. Xan assures him that a sailor of any kind can sail a boat.

Later in their time in the forge, Xan begins to train Theo to sail. Her methods leave a lot to be desired however legend says this is how she was taught by her dear Captain Gold. 

She hit Theo with an oar on more than one occasion and dunked him to the water - but it seems with every dunk he grows more confident in the water.

The training consists mostly of yelling and splashing but there are methods to the madness, and Theo manages to stay the path through a large rush of water.

Although there are no written rules to the Rules of Boat listed in the Gold and Bramble Traders Journal, sailors and ‘traders’ have passed on the below verbally (rather loudly)

First lesson: get in the water

Second lesson: don’t get in the water

Third lesson: move on the water

  • Rule 1 - shout loud and clear
  • Rule 2 - secure the loot
  • Rule 3 - secure yourself
  • Rule 4 - keep going
  • Rule 5 - no fear
  • Rule 6 - no singing on the boat*

*This was a rule added by Xanthia, shortly after meeting the siren Calliope. We are unsure if this is connected to the traveller.

Notes from the Gold and Bramble Traders Journal relating to nautical terms.

  • Full Frontal (Bow)
  • Thar way (Starboard right)
  • Tother way (Port left)
  • Backer (Stern)
  • A’middleships (centre of deck)
  • Upside (main deck)
  • T’under (under the desk)
  • Highers and sails (sails)
  • No-go (outside the ship desk)
  • Brambam (team vote agreed by yelling)

The party make their way through the mountains and arrive at the main bridge of Pamplaxyia where there is one guard locking the way. She welcomes Braz back but there seems to be an underlying concern. Braz introduces the party to Agelada, a childhood friend.