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Brimtarans worship Brimtar, god of earth and metalworking. His worship is popular amongst the dwarves, but he is also worshipped by smiths and stonecrafters. When a weapon miraculously survives a blow, or a suit of armor somehow saves its wearers life against a mortal blow, it is viewed as a sign of Brimtar’s blessing. When a forge fire glows a certain shade of green, it is said to have attracted Brimtar’s attention. When Brimtar reveals his displeasure, it often involves tools, weapons, or objects cracking, breaking, or shattering.

When possible, services dedicated to Brimtar take place in a proper temple, preferably one constructed of sturdy stone. Most Brimtaran temples are large, imposing, and leave viewers with a sense of awe. His temples often feature impressive and elaborate stonework, usually decorated with intricate metalworking and stonecarving.

The Brimtaran holy book is called The Hammer and the Forge. This large and weighty tome is an unusual holy work in that includes not just prayers and liturgy devoted to Brimtar, but also many life lessons related to artisanship and craftsmanship.

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