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Assembly of the Most Learned

Wizard's Circle


True wizards, sorcerers, and artificers are rare and remarkable. They can perform feats of magic beyond the talents of the most gifted Magewrights.  The founders of the Assembly believed that magical knowledge should always be used in the service of the law. 

The first wizards circle of the Sentran Empire, it helped early emperors spread the rule of law across the continent, fought against Orc mages, and pushed back against the Dwarven threat during the The Calamity. As a result, the Assembly is very human-centric. Much of the zeal has gone out of the Assembly in the last few centuries. Most members still abide by the traditions of the Assembly, but many are more interested in the acquisition of gold or power than the preservation of society, and the wizards of the Order demanded a fortune in exchange for protection against the dwarves.

Despite the tarnishing of the Order, the wizards and sorcerers still respect the traditions of the past. One of the most important traditions is the requirement that the wizard know the precise purpose of every spell that he casts, to ensure that his actions do not spread chaos and discord across the world.  They look down their noses at the Guild of Esoteric Starlight and their disinterest in order.

It is believed amongst the Orcs that one of the reasons the Assembly battled against them was to steal their arcane secrets, many of which are lost now.

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