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Over centuries of study, the Sentran Empire has learned to work minor arcane energy into everyday life.  It can be found in the city of Sentra in everything from magical levitators to sending messages.  Using magic is more than wiggling fingers and incantations, but also intense mental discipline.  Those trained as wizards spend many years learning the theories of their craft, to the point where they can understand the principles behind other spells to learn them or even create their own.  Such talent is outside of the grasp of most people, but others are able to perform simpler magic with enough hard work and diligence.  The tools and items they craft are powered by Arcstones.

These people are known as magewrights, and they are artisans and craftspeople that use magic in their work.  They attend a form of trade school and are apprenticed to learn their craft.  For many, their magic simply enhances their craft, like a tinker that can mend items with magic, an apothecarist that creates potions, or a calligrapher that inscribes sigils of power. An extension of the growing number of magewrights are the city's manufactories which are attempting to produce their work on a larger scale through the work of the Order of the Gorgon.

For game terms, Magewright heroes are essentially using a reskinned Arcane Background (Weird Science). They are more powerful and talented than most Magewrights, able to work with multiple items and powers.

Although Magewrights are able to wield magic, they are not wizards. A Magewright has learned to play a few songs, but a proper wizard is a composer. A wizard can truly understand the deep principles behind their magic.

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