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Chapter 2 - Remembrance




Session 7½: The Call — Ren is asked to help in the Warrens.

Session 8: Coincidental Meetings — The gang is back together with some new faces.

Session 9: Unwanted Visitors — Amos and company go to investigate the crime scene for themselves, but are interrupted.

Session 10: Personal Things — Shan is aware of the murders in the Warrens, and her Solari Artellus shows the group the first murder victim.

Session 11: Blood and Boltholes — The group searches for a connection to Emlyn, and finds a new victim.

Session 12: Descendant — Meriel discovers a family secret that goes back generations.

Session 13: Bygones — Surt is let in on the past few days, and Ragor is questioned.

Session 14: Entombment — The Hammerfall cause problems at a mausoleum.

Session 15: The Chase — the party is chased through the streets of the city.


Constable Amos Crow of the Vigilants.

Tor'in, elven warrior of the blade.

Meriel Ravenstone, entertainer and possessor of lock picks.

Darrenstinian "Ren" Bloodmoon, half orc, half elf, all justice.

Oak, Nezumi hunter looking to save his village.

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