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Amos joined the Vigilants, not out of any sense of duty to community or Kolrehs, but because that's what the Crows do. His older sister Laybeth is a Vigilant, and his mother Trisa was a Vigilant who died heroically in the line of duty when he was young. His father Liam (who took his wife's name upon marriage) is a baker who did most of the child-raising. His grandfather Eli is a retired Vigilant who lives with Liam, Amos, and Laybeth.

Amos wants to be a credit to his family, but isn't happy with how hard-nosed the Vigilants can be. He often finds himself empathizing with the criminals he is supposed to bring to justice, and feels drawn towards The Solari.

Amos is kind of the "team mom" and would rather de-escalate than use violence. Bit of a bleeding heart/social worker type. Interested in going beyond simply enforcing the law and wants to look at the underlying causes of crime.


Art by A.S. Phillips.

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