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Inside the strong walls and teeming defenses of First Landing is relative safety, but outside are great risks and great rewards. The first pages of the New World's History are being written now. Will you be its protagonist?

You'll start your journey in First Landing. From there, you'll take on quests, fight, explore, and acquire loot.

For a more detailed guide on how to explore the New World through this wiki, check out the How to navigate the wiki page!

Note: If you are a GM, ask an admin to give you the GM role for the wiki. That way you'll gain access to hidden entities!

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The Iron Front

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04 - Town Shops and Services
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The Unseen Village
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Lucas fils de Soliel
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From the Sands
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Whudon Darkstone
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Zullo Hornscar
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Spooky floating city that was released from the sands during The Ruined Tower. Populated mostly by Elves? And Unknown.

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