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Humans are all descended from the original settlers or an outsider who arrived during the last five centuries.

Thylean Names Names in Thylea have a Greek flavor to them. 

Male Names: Adonis, Adrian, Basil, Belen, Bemus, Calix, Claus, Corban, Cy, Damen, Darius, Demitrius, Deo, Dru, Egan, Estevan, Evan, Faustus, Giles, Gregory, Griffin, Isidore, Jace, Jorges, Julian, Kal, Karan, Keelan, Kyril, Lander, Layland, Leo, Magus, Mateo, Neo, Nicholas, Nicos, Odell, Orelius, Orrin, Pancras, Pearce, Philip, Quinn, Rastus, Sander, Santos, Sirius, Spiro, Stavros, Tadd, Tassos, Theo, Timon, Tyrone, Vitalis, and Xander.

Female Names: Adara, Adrianna, Aegea, Aria, Ava, Bryony, Cadie, Calista, Calla, Cara, Cleo, Dalia, Daria, Demi, Desa, Diana, Dora, Echo, Electra, Falana, Finn, Galena, Gemina, Halia, Hatria, Hester, Idylla, Iliana, Ina, Irene, Iria, Jacinda, Jenesis, Justina, Kaia, Kat, Kiersten, Lacie, Layna, Leah, Lyssa, Madelia, Mariam, Maya, Melani, Nara, Nora, Orelle, Pamela, Penelope, Petra, Rhoda, Seema, Selena, and Tabatha.

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