1. Notes

(ⅩⅠⅤ) The Chariot


"Look at those stars, scattered across the zenith of the sky.  That's the constellation of The Chariot, which represents Vallus, the Goddess of Wisdom."

"There was once a young priest who travelled all the lands of Thylea, seeking out tomes and texts to bring back to the great library in the The Temple of the Five in The City of Mytros.  He spent decades on his quest until, on one of his journeys, he met a beautiful sorceress.

The sorceress made him an offer: marry her, and she would use her power to summon every book ever written onto the shelves of his library.  The young man refused her.  The journey to obtain knowledge, he said, was just as important as the knowledge itself.

The sorceress revealed herself as Vallus.  She placed her hands upon the priest's eyes, and forever afterwards, he could read books in every language - even those long forgotten.  This was a most beautiful gift from the goddess to her most loyal servant."