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"The two stars directly above us are the Twins, named for Sydon and Lutheria.  One day, the Great Tree (from which all Thylea was born) blossomed with seven shimmering fruits.  Seeing this luscious bounty, Kentimane reached from the ocean and devoured the fruit, casting the spike-covered pits aside.

The pits floated on the water, taunting Kentimane.  In his anger, he smashed them to the bottom of the sea, pricking his hands on the thorns and leaving a wash of blood in the waves.  The next morning the seven pits floated back to the surface and split open, and the Titans, the children of Thylea and Kentimane, burst forth, fully formed.

But one of these seven pits gave birth to a pair of Titans, Sydon and Lutheria.  The youngest of Kentimane's children, they would eventually overthrow their siblings and conquer all of Thylea in their lust for power."

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