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"You see that cluster of stars to the South? That's the Warrior, which the people of Mytros call 'Pythor, the God of Conquest'.  In this case, his conquests came in the bedroom rather than the battlefield.  One night,he is said to have entertained five beautiful sisters, one after the other - and the all of them at once!

Tales of this legendary deed reached the ears of the green dragon Hexia, a former lover that Pythor had abandoned.  Fuelled by her jealousy, Hexia captured the sisters, turne them to stone, and placed the statues on her island as a warning of what would happen to any of Pythor's future conquests.

Each of the stars is one of the sisters, a reminder of Hexia's jealousy.  Even so, Pythor still seeks out new romantic conquests.  Perhaps he seeks to add new stars to his constellation."



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