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The Mad Necromancer


Ismene Neurdagon never fit in well with the rest of the Neurdagon family. An avid worshipper of Volkan, Ismene always sought to create elaborate creatures of artifice. However, Ismene's pursuit of knowledge is incredibly… single-minded. After stealing and killing a stimfay, Ismene became obsessed with the practice of mimicking life through machinery. Unfortunately, her research required a steady supply of living flesh to study, and eventually Ismene's bizarre predilections became hard to ignore.

Ismene eventually set up an underground laboratory, practicing dark experiments in combining flesh with machinery. Eventually Ismene's advancing "science" needed more intelligent subjects, so Ismene began kidnapping and "repairing" the "monstrous" inhabitants of the Nest of the Forgotten. She made a small cabal of half-machine, half-humanoid "prototypes" that she slaved to her will. Her most recent victim was Achradina, a young woman from the Nest of the Forgotten.

When she was attacked, Ismene raved about "progress" and how she is "fixing" the Nests' "monstrous" inhabitants. She was dispacted by Tryntia before she was able to kill all of them.

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