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Underdark Campaign


You're trying to get out of the Underdark, not out of the Abyss, guys.

Quest log for dummies

Active Quests


  • Out of the Abyss. There are signs that the various demon lords have escaped the Abyss and are present in the Underdark. Their presence is already spreading corruption throughout.


  • Vizeran's Ritual: Gather the following items:
    • The intact and unhatched egg of a purple worm, for channeling great physical power.  (The ''Worm Nursery'' in the Wormwrithings, the WW is about 50 miles west of Vizeran's tower- The central eye of a beholder, to break down magical resistance and overcome magical forces. (The Vast Oblivium, a chasm in the Wormwrithings)
    • Six feathers from six different angels - the authority of the celestial realms and a force to enrage fiendish creatures. (In ''The Labyrinth'' - the ''Cavern of Angels'')
    • The heart of a goristro, to reach and influence the hearts of other demons. (In 'The Labyrinth'' probably?
    • Thirteen timmasks, also known as ''devil's mushroom'' sprouted from the footprint of a marilith, a balor, or a goristro - a lure to draw demons in. (Place where there's a lot of mushrooms?)
    • A few drops of blood or ichor from a demon lord, to connect with the demons the ritual will call.
    • Gromph Baenre's grimoires and notes on his ritual, to assist in better understanding the power that summoned the demon lords.


  • Stolen Shipment from Goldenfields: A shipment from Phandalin has been stolen from the Phandalin branch of the Lionshield Coster. It is suspected a group known as the Redbrands is responsible.
  • Noble Estate. Noble named Edwin George wants party to investigate manor where a noble's ranger was killed; the ranger could not be resurrected. The noble wants to know what happened to his ranger, and if it is a threat to the noble and his servants. If so, to deal with the threat. The noble's estate is between the hills of Yartar and the High Forest. The noble would prefer for the matter to be kept quiet. (5000 GP reward

Completed Quests

  • Helping Torel: The group has successfully brought Torel back to the surface. (Underdark)
  • The Goblin Squad: The group has successfully brought the Goblin Squad back to the surface. (Underdark)
  • A Hill of Problems: Hill giants are becoming a large threat for Yartar. (Yartar)
  • Ankheg Issues: Help Guildo Smallholder get rid of the Ankhegs who snatch his cattles. (See more info in Ep. 39)
  • Gone Missing. People in Camilla's village are going missing. It's near the Neverwinter Woods, and the village is a hamlet known as Beggar's Hole. She requests to help find out what is happening to the villagers.
  • The Fomorian Fee: Merchant (Harry) and his group traveling on High Road to deliver goods, but has recently come across a a group of dangerous creatures. Previous adventurers had gone to deal with the problem, but they had failed. There is a creature along the road asking for a toll as well, forcing detours. The dangerous creatures are like giants, but deformed and terrible eye and gaze capable of deforming others.
  • Izzet Love?: The group has promised to bring Tanglehair to the Hawthorne Guild so she could meet with the ''cute forest gnome who saved her'' again.
  • Catching Up. Visting the Cat's Meow and meeting up with Force Grey at Blackstaff Tower.

Episode 72 - Spiral of the Horned King

After going down into the chasm, the party continued traveling through the Underdark for a few days until they traversed a long tunnel which opened up into a cavern. On the opposite wall to the entrance, was a cleft with mounds of decapitated heads on either side as well as graffiti made in blood and vile sigils on the wall. Grumble looked around and asserted this place had been consecrated to Baphomet. Not too long after their arrival, a limping and gnarly looking gnoll, with a mass of scar tissue covering one of his eyes, came out of the cleft to meet the party. The party initially communicated with him using telepathic bond. He told them he could guide them through the maze of his master.

Michael, noticing Gash was pretty injured, decided to heal him, and also tried to learn more about him. This caused Gash to be very shocked, having never been treated so nicely by anyone else in his life. He shared that he was a part of a pack of gnoll, and that there has been an increase in the ferocity of the minotaurs in the area. Gnolls and minotaurs are often fighting for territory in the labyrinth, and this place was the latest battlefield. His pack was slaughtered, and the minotaurs let him live with the condition he would serve people as a ''guide'', and that he would lead people through the maze, but make sure they would get lost or ambushed by the minotaurs. He did that for a long time, but now, seeing that the party was being so nice, he couldn't bring himself to lead them in the maze to be slaughtered, and so he advised them to turn around and find another way.

The party still wanted to go through the minotaur maze, despited Gash's objections. So Gash said he would try to lead them to the exit, and try to avoid danger. It took about 3h for the party to go through the maze, and they were able to avoid the minotaurs. On the way, they found some humanoid bones, and the decapitated corpse of a dwarf. Aldrik Rumnaheim took some of the valuables from the body, and carried it outside, so him and Michael could perform a proper burial and a ceremony for the departed dwarf.

Afterwards, the party continued on for a few days, and ran into a group of flumphs. The flumphs were named Atchi, Etchiu, Hakushon, Apchkhi. The group of flumph told Michael about their own nature, and that there was a mind flayer with dark thoughts nearby, who had enslaved some quaggoths. They also noted the minotaurs being more ferocious lately, and strange demonic activities in the Underdark. Grumble, who has a hatred for mind flayers, wanted to find it as soon as possible.

DM Note

- Aldrik rolled 86 on a d100 after Michael performed a ceremony: funeral rite on a decapitated dwarf in the Labyrinth and Aldrik prayed to Vergadain and poured alcohol over the body (Aldrik got 5 on a Wisdom (Religion) check). The next time Aldrik drinks alcohol, he can burp out a 3rd-level fireball (DC 15).
- Michael rolled 8 and 54 on 2d100 after Michael performed a ceremony: funeral rite on a decapitated dwarf in the Labyrinth and Aldrik prayed to Vergadain and poured alcohol over the body (Michael got 21 on a Charisma (Religion) check). Michael has advantage on the next roll he makes to figure out a difficult decision and needs guidance.

Episode 71 - The Adamantine Tower

The party continued their journey with Kurr as a guide. During their travel, they encountered another lost modron. By talking telepathically with the modron and Duo, the duodrone, they learned that it also got lost on the great modron march that happened many years ago, just like Duo . It started following Duo, while saying ''We are on the march'' repetitively. Because it is a monodrone, the party called it Mono.

During the rest of the day, Michael spoke with Kurr and tried to learn more about himself. He learned that he was a Gnoll Fang of Yeenoghu, but that he had lost his desire for bloodlust all of a sudden, that he now felt guilty for every creature he had slain, and couldn't bring himself to kill anymore, unless in self defense. The party suggested he should look for an alternative path than the one of Yeenoghu, but Kurr didn't seem to convinced. He remained stubborn in his way of feeling sorrow for his lost bloodlust. He told the party he previously sought to find Yeenoghu, because he had sensed his presence in the Underdark. The party still said he had some time to think about it.

Afterwards, the party continued their journey to Filthriddens . On the way, they walked across an adamantine tower. It was guarded by four gargoyles who attacked them as soon as they tried to open the door, which they later determine to be magically locked. They dispatched the gargoyles, and cast identify and detect magic to investigate. They realized this tower was a Daern's Instant Fortress and they learned the magic word Brillig (to grow and reduce the tower) and Mimsy (to unlock the front door and trap door at the top). On the first floor, they found the remains of what was potentially the previous owner, and some of the items on its body. The party got some of the items with the ''help'' of Zilchyn Q'leptin. When they went to the 2nd floor of the tower, they were attacked by two shadow demons. They dispatched the shadow demons, and took a little bit of time to look at the new items they got. Afterards, Michael did a proper burial for the body found, and cast gentle repose on it. They reduced the tower and carried it with them.

Then, the party went down the chasm behind where the tower was, and continued their journey. The party has not rested yet.

Episode 70 - Kurr

The party began traveling. They came across a muck pit that had an awful odor, so they flew over it. However, they flew close to the ceiling from which strange fungi was growing, and as Donatello came too close, one burst and he breathed hallucination spores. This caused him to hallucinate that the muck pit was a nice clean pool of water, and that his friends were demons. The party was able to cure him, and they continued on their journey.

After a few days of travel, they encountered a gnoll pack, who viciously attacked them. However, the party noticed that one of the gnolls in the pack seemed to be staying in the back, not enjoying, nor partaking in the combat. After the groups was dispatched, the last gnoll who stayed back, begged Yeenoghu for forgiveness, threw himself at the mercy of the party, expecting to die, but the party did not kill him.

They tried interacting with him, but he only spoke gnoll, so Michael asked if anyone in the party was able to cast telepathic bond, but everyone said they couldn't. Squeak insisted to say he didn't know how to cast it. Michael then ried communicating with him via pictograms, and it took a long time, but they were making some progress. Eventually, Squeak asked why no one was using telepathic bond, because he had it. The party was dumbfounded and Squeak didn't understand why. With the telepathic bond up, they were able to communicate with the gnoll, and learned he was named Kurr

Episode 69 - Nice


Episode 68 - Drop Off

As he is about to hit the floor, Zilchyn casts fly to save himself and Hilvius and Farryl, but he cannot upcast it enough to save Zilna.

Grumble dives down to get in range of her, and then he casts feather fall to slow their descent and save Zilna.

Aldrik stuns Karazikar.

Shedrak of the Eyes casts Time Stop, then teleports Karazikar away.

The party steals Karazikar's treasure and frees the slaves.

8 slaves refuse to come, they are still too enthralled by Karazikar

1 shield dwarf

1 human refuse

1 moon elf refused

1 female drow refused

2 goblins refused

2 orog refused

The party goes to Blingdenstone and they leave some of the freed slaves there: 20 shield dwarves, 16 humans, and 10 moon elves. They will try to go home when possible, accompanying some of the deep gnomes on the trade routes at some point, when it is safe to travel. The 4 deep gnomes will remain in Blingdenstone. The party sells the assorted gems they found in Karazikar's treasure vault.

The remaining 21 goblins and 14 orogs have agreed to join the Zentharim enclave in mantol derith, at least temporarily, and will either join as members or return home when it is safe to do so.

For the time being, the 6 female drow and 1 male drow remaining sill stay at the drow enclave in Mantol Derith.

Aluryn has been staying and will stay in the drow enclave as well.

Michael contacts Force Grey via sending stone to give them an update on the situation and inquire about a Maze Engine or Orderer.

The person on the other end of the ''sending'' will tell them they will see if they can find some information for him.

The party does some shopping, and learns that it is Shieldmeet, so the Zhentarim have organized a small festival.

Episode 67 - Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant

The party makes preparations, then departs from Mantol-Derith , and sets on a 5 day journey to Karazikar's Maw, in the Vast Oblivium.

1st day: No encounter

2nd day:

The party encounters a drow party (1 mage leader, 4 drows, and 11 bugbears) and lets them pass first through a very slim tunnel. Nothing bad happens.

3rd day: Peebles gets snatched by a Grick, Grumble vortexes him out and the party kills the Grick.

4th day: No encounter

5th day: No encounter

6th day:

The party gets into Karazikar's lair, they are met with Shedrak who tells them they are not welcome there.

The party insists on coming in and Shedrak retreats and closes a force door behind him.The party takes some time to dig a tunnel further away from the door and gets inside the lair.

A battle ensues and Karazikar destroys the bridge they are standing on with his eye rays.

Some of the party members are able to fly, but Zilchyn and the members of the Lord's Alliance plummet down... They are about to hit the floor. Can they survive such a fall?

Find out in the next episode of Out of the Abyss!

Episode 66 - The Eye of the Beholder

The party fought and defeated the Eyemonger, not without being petrified a few times.

Afterwards, they went and did some shopping back in Mantol-Derith and finally decided that, after their victory against a beholder, they would try their hands against Karazikar, and attempt to free the slaves.

Episode 65 - Xazax the Eyemonger

Wurthguth vanished during the 4th day of travel from the Vast Oblivium to Mantol-Derith

Anluryn is following them.

The party sells a list of items to the Svirfneblin enclave (see session log)

The party gives a list of magic items to the Zentharim so they return to Davra and give her the share of treasure as well as the information they've learned so far.

Peebles says master master, these are the adventurers who saved Lorthunn, and Xazax looked at them angrily

and aldrick says:: You've mongered your last eyes''

and then regrets not saying yOU,ve monged for the last time. as suggested by Michael afterwards.

Episode 64 - The Vast Oblivium

Trog encounter

reach vast oblivium and karazikar maw

the party meets with karazikar and shedrak of the eyes

tries to make a deal with karazikar

karazikar agrees to the deal

and the party feeds the persons

the party leaves to find eyemonger

Episode 63 - The Worm Nursery

The battle continues...

The party defeats the purple worm.

They gather some purple worm eggs, following the advice of Hanne Hallen

They are interrupted by a second purple worm.

Donatello casts hypnotic pattern, which incapacitates the purple worm.

The party flees the Worm Nursery

The party is attacked by a group of 11 drows, and is accused by the leader to have captured their daughter.

The misunderstanding is clarified by the party and Hanne Hallen who explains that the party actually helped her, and that she was able to gather her first purple worm egg.

The drow lady then introduces herself as Zhora Hallen, leader of the Dark Hunters, and gives them some gold and items to thank them for helping her daughter.

She also suggests that if they meet again and the opportunity comes up, she will be inclined to assist the party.

- - -

The party resumes their journey to the Vast Oblivium.

On the way, they find the dead bodies of three drows and three giant lizard. Around the bodies, Grumble notices some ichor that he recalls having seen after defeating demons.

Some of the party members loot the bodies, while Michael makes a grave to lay the body to rest.

The party then takes a short rest.

They have 6 miles left to travel until they reach their destination.

Episode 62 - Voices in the Dark

The party continues their journey to reach the Worm Nursery.

On the way there, they encountered a group of flumphs who told them that there was a lot of evil thoughts polluting the Underdark, and that they should fight it with kindness.

The party learned a bit more on the nature of flumphs, and now know that they aren't just ''things that are summoned when wild magic goes.. wild.''

The party continued forward and found a cavern covered in rubble, where a voice in the dark told them to stay away and warned them against venturing forward. The party did not heed the warning and eventually found a young drow lady named Hanne Hallen was hiding in the rubble. They were nice to her and offered her food, which she agreed to take. She told them she was accompanying her mother and her group of purple egg hunters named  the Dark Hunters. She said she would accept them escorting her to Menzoberranzan (which they didn't offer, but still accepted). When the party told her they were looking to get a purple worm egg, she said she knew a lot about them, so that she could help them, but that she wanted an egg of her own as well. The party agreed.

The party ventured further towards the caves and the floor collapsed underneath them. Most of the party found itself falling 25 ft down, getting some minor injuries in the process.

They then begun to explore the Worm Nursery. They found a cave filled with fungi, then another filled with bones of humanoid, and other strange creatures, and finally one with a deep hole where Grumble found a skeleton with some magical items.

While Grumble was identifying the items, the party felt a rumble in the ground and Hanne said to be careful because it meant a purple worm was probably nearby.

Not long after, a purple worm started slithering next to the party, scaring them, but ignoring them, and made its way to another section of the cavern by burrowing through the wall, creating a passageway through the wall, leadaing to a new area. The purple worm then remained in that area.

Squeak decided to follow after the purple worm, and the moment he entered in that new area, the purple worm turned towards him and became hostile.

The party tried to run away, and were mostly able to leave, but a few people remained at the bottom of the cave, so Grumble decided to attract the attention of the worm, but ended up being swallowed in the process!

What will the party do!?

Episode 61 - Spelunking

The party explored the rest of the Troglodyte Lair and found a variety of items (see session log). They found indications that the troglodytes were capturing people and eating them as main source of sustenance. They rescued six captives (2 drows and 4 shield dwarves). The drow agreed to stay with them for a day, but they want to leave on their own afterwards. The dwarves offered to stick with the party and help with their endeavors as a thanks for saving their lives. The party learns that all of these captives were all separated from larger groups and were captured by the troglodytes, some of the captives were taken out of the pit to be eaten regularly.

The party didn't kill the lady troglodyte that was used in the battle as ''bargaining chip'' and left her to mend her wounds.

After fighting ropers and piercers, Aldrik let one of the piercer lives and called it Pierce. He tied it on his back where it occasionally nibbles on his shirt/skin.

They blocked the steam vent with the bodies of the ropers to be able to extract the gems they found in the cave without harm.

Grumble indicated the way to find the worm nursery as described by Vizeran, so after finishing exploring the cave, the party decided to head out and make their way to the worm nursery.

Episode 60 - Troglodyte Lair

The party departs from the tower, heading to the Wormwrithings. Halfway through their journey, they find a group of Troglodytes fighting with one another. They watch them fight and half of the troglodytes die as a result. Then, Aldrik and Grumble find a secret passageway, so Squeak and Grumble go investigate. They find that a guard is guarding a group of 6 people, drow and dwarves in  a pit.

However, while they quietly sneak around and investigate, Squeak finds gemstones embedded in a wall behind a steam vent and stops sneaking, and starts running towards it. He hurts himself with the steam, and is heard by the guard who calls for the alarm.

The party then fights the group of Troglodyte, and they dispatch them.

Episode 59 - The Tower of Vengeance

The party speaks with Vizeran.

Michael has doubts that the ritual really has to take place in Menzoberranzan and would like another option.

For now the party chooses to work with Vizeran.

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