Language Primeval (Tiffany's Journal)
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Language Primeval (Tiffany's Journal)


The Language Primeval is known by multiple names. It is the speech used by the Elders and it is known as the Elder Tongue or as the Words of Creation. In the Elder Tongue, the language is called Aleph. It is said that the Language Primeval is the language of magic and perhaps existence itself. It is thought that the Elders may have used the Language Primeval to bring the multiverse into being and that it perhaps could be used to end it. It is thought that the knowledge of the Language Primeval is contained in five ancient Lores. If all five Lores were assembled and comprehended, one would learn the Language Primeval in this entirety and have access to its full capacity. At present, only the First Lore has been discovered. It is used by the Sisters and its knowledge has been used to create the Spellcrux and other great works. It seems like the staff of the Academy of Magic has been attempting to study the Lores to attempt to learn the Language Primeval and use it for their own means.

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