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Rinoa Hatiri was born in 1436 DR. She is the daughter of Sanjay and Jin Hatiri. She lived in a small house built atop the Thunder Peaks. Their family was living with another couple who also had a child in 1436 who was named Nathaniel Shilaëra also known as Nanashi.

In 1442 DR, Rinoa gets a dog, she names him Tobimaru. At first, she doesn't want to share him with Nanashi, but she ends up befriending Nanashi and lets him and Tobimaru play together.

In 1445 DR, Nanashi's family move away from Rinoa's house. Rinoa is heartbroken and Nanashi promises that he will come back for her when she is older - and she promises to wait for him.

In 1448 DR, Rinoa’s house was raided. Her dad, Sanjay, told her to hide, and all she remembers from that time is that her house was completely ravaged afterwards and she was alone. She couldn't find her parents, nor Tobimaru. She hid for some time, writing in her journal. During that year, she tried to survive on her own. She felt extremely lonely and scared. This caused a boggle to materialize nearby and he began messing with her and scaring her even more. She ran away from her house, hungry and afraid.

A few days later, Tobimaru was found by a ranger named Aylan who was gathering Bowen's flower on the Thunder Peak. Tobimaru led him to Rinoa and he took her under his wing, swearing to protect her and help her find Nanashi and her parents again.

A few years later, Rinoa learned a few tricks and was able to handle herself in combat. She helped Aylan disrupt the plans of his twin sister Ayla, who was corrupted by the dark fey. For her revenge, Ayla changed her appearance and, over time, befriended Rinoa and learned of her desire to find Nanashi again. She lured her and tricked her by promising she could find Nanashi instantly for her. Instead of doing so, she put her under an Imprisonment (Slumber) spell and hid her away in a demiplane, with the condition for her to wake up being that Nanashi himself come tell her that he returned to her to keep his promise.

In 1494 DR, Nanashi and a group of friends went on a mission, which unbeknownst to them initially, led them to saving Rinoa Hatiri. Nanashi and Rinoa have now been reunited and are looking forward to helping Aylan free his sister Ayla from the corruption.



Rinoa's diary: (Only Nanashi and Jeanne have seen the content of it)



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