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Journal of Six of Pentacles




You know the drill fam. New city, new journal. There's always the chance that some Mage will go looking and find the random sequence of characters that's hiding this thing, so I'll keep vague on here.

Got into the area a few days ago. I took a look around the place but mostly just sat on my hands until someone from the local consilium came to get me. That took over a week, by the way. Not really impressed with that response time. But on the flip side it means I can probably get away with more shit since they're obviously not keeping tabs on people in the area.


Met the new Cabal. They are predictably a bunch of idiots, but they got a hate-on for the Heirarch some maybe my kind of idiots.

Created by Kaosubaloo 2 years ago. Last modified by Kaosubaloo 1 month ago