Dashboard General - Kanka

What did the Mysterium find in the ancient Ozark Mountains? They aren't telling, but they are making moves.

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Main Cast 1

Have you heard about our lord and savior?

I'll do anything if you let me have the pieces, Mistress.

I'll look deep into your heart and soul to make your wildest dreams come true

What do you need me to cover up today?

Why is this happening to me?

You're just jealous, this is fashion.

Do first, ask later.

Main Cast 2

A practicing surgeon in the NW Arkansas region specializing in recovery surgery and trauma patients.

Kev is a tenured history professor at the UofA who sometimes struggles with alcoholism, but never with women. After awakening, he became interested in cryptozoology, searching for cryptids any time he wasn't searching for a lady to "enlighten." Trained in self-defence and bushcraft, Kev rarely feels fear.