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Welcome to the Immortal Odyssey

The Path to Godhood is Nigh


Scion: Origins  PDF

Scion: Hero  PDF

Scion: Hero Companion Book

Scion: Titanomachy

Scion: Masks of Mythos (Manuscript)

Scion: Dragons (Manuscript)

Scion: Demigod (Manuscript)

Scion Character Sheet Template

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Main Cast


Short: Roll with Presence

Long: Defeat the scion of Heracles

Band: Become a group dedicated to Titanspawn


POWER X Intellect ⚪⚪⚪ X Might X Presence
FINESSE   Cunning   Dexterity   Manipulation
RESISTANCE   Resolve   Stamina   Composure


Academics       Medicine    
Athletics     Occult  
Close Combat Fighting Dirty   Persuasion  
Culture Underground Scene   Pilot  
Empathy       Science    
Firearms       Subterfuge    
Integrity Dependable   Survival    
Leadership       Technology    

Legend: ⬛⬜⬜

Current Legend:

Movement Dice: 8

Defense Roll: 5


Neantóg (Nettle) - ⚪⚪⚪⚪

    - Incorporeal, Flying, Vulnerable to Silver

    - 8 dice pool

Grandpa Paddy - ⚪⚪

Lyre of Orpheus - ⚪⚪⚪

Heels of Hippolyta - ⚪⚪⚪

Styx and Stones - ⚪⚪⚪⚪



Liminal ⚪⚪



Death (Innate)

Passion (Lyre of Orpheus)

Journeys (Grandpa Paddy)


Passion: Irresistible Impulse (built into Lyre)

You fill a character’s heart with an emotion of your choice. They gain a Condition based on that emotion — Mad as Hell, Lovestruck, Too Sad to Function, or something similar. The exact effect of the Condition may vary based on the chosen emotion, but as a generic effect, the target takes +3 Difficulty when they take an action that the Storyguide deems is directly contrary to the emotion — it’s hard to treat someone politely while Mad as Hell, or to commit to a fist fight while Lovestruck. Other characters gain Enhancement 3 on rolls to detect the inflamed emotion. This Condition can be resolved by taking a significant action with the potential for consequences that is motivated by the emotion — starting a bar fight, asking someone out, or skipping work would count. It also ends if you reclaim the Legend imbued in this Boon.

Passion: Tugging On Your Heartstrings

Once you have identified a character’s Attitude towards you or someone else, you can either intensify or stifle the emotions from which it is derived, raising or lowering its value by 1 point. This doesn’t stack with other magical Attitude modifiers, but can cancel out an opposing bonus or penalty.

Death: Unquiet Dead

You can cause a corpse to speak, or summon a person’s ghost, shade, or other culturally appropriate remnant (Scion: Origin, p. 31) from the site of their grave for one scene. The corpse or shade cannot act except to speak, but you can try to influence it just like anyone else. It starts with Attitude 3 towards you. The undead retains all memories it had in life, except for a blank space of about five minutes leading up to the time of their death. As long as you imbue Legend in this boon, the undead’s answers provide Enhancement 3 on any applicable rolls, such as tracking down the person who killed them. You can only use this Boon on the same undead once per session.


Death: Somebody's Watching Me

A Scion’s Godly parent has eyes and ears everywhere, and even if they don’t Visit their child, they’re often ready to lend a hand to aid their child in need. During a scene where the Scion would be in danger, their parent sends in reinforcements, usually resulting in either two Mooks or one Professional (see Scion: Origin p. 143 for more on Archetypes) to fight on their side. These allies leave at the end of the scene, however.

Judge: Eye for an Eye

When you suffer an Injury, spend Momentum and inflict the same Injury on the target that attacked you. The target must have attacked you directly; you cannot reflect attacks that targeted someone else. If the target does not have the ability to take a similar Injury (having your arm bitten by a giant snake, for example), inflict an Injury of similar severity instead, such as a festering, envenomed bite mark. This also applies to Critical Hits inflicted.

Liminal: Pierce the Veil

When you cross boundaries on an epic Scale (descending into the afterlife on foot, driving your way across the globe), imbue a point of Legend, rather than spending, to invoke your Legendary Title as a Feat of Scale.

Guardian: Eternal Guardian

When you protect a person, place, or thing that can be measured with Scale (standing guard at the entrance of your pantheon’s afterlife, keeping a watchful eye on a city all night), imbue a point of Legend, rather than spending, to invoke your legendary Title as a Feat of Scale.

Scent of the Divine


⬜ Bruised   +1

⬜ Bruised   +1

⬜ Bruised   +1

⬜ Injured   +2

⬜ Maimed  +4

   Taken Out ⬜



13 XP

Level Up:

-25: Styx and Stones

-5: add dot to Grandpa Paddy

-5: add dot to Nettle

-5: add dot to Pilot

-10: Scent the Divine

-15: Built 

Character sheet


The Moon's star / Patron of titan spawn / The Dragon Prince

Age: 20 DOB: July,15th,2000

Horoscope: Cancer - Ruled by the fourth house and the moon

Zodiac: Metal Dragon

Birthstone: Pearl

A Born Scion of Ao Guang


Red string of fate -     

Bun - guide - ⚪⚪

Li Bao - Follower - ⚪⚪⚪

Yata no Kagami

Kusanagi no Tsurugi -

Yasakani no magatama -  

Qiulong Crown⚪ (Has 5 dot flaw)

Experience points -  16 exp

"""""SHEN""""" - Innate Purview:

Tianming. The Shén order heaven, hell, and the World through a great celestial bureaucracy. At its head is the Jade Emperor (fuck this guy lol), and from him, all power flows downward in the form of positions and titles, privileges, and responsibilities: the Tianming, or mandate of heaven.

This Purview holds sway over the hierarchy of the heavens as well as all mortal bureaucracies, which are seen as Worldly extensions or reflections of the celestial model.

Character Sheet

A created scion of Loki.

Made from a marbled australian scorpion


Trickster ⚪⚪, Leader ⚪, Guardian ⚪⚪⚪


The Stinger, The Lost Boys, Nutty, Pendant of the Past, Eye of Mayhem , Horn of Dismay


Purviews: Epic Dexterity, Wild, Sky, Beasts, Epic Perception

Callings: Warrior, Hunter, Liminal

Knacks: Trick Shot, Relentless, Worrying Hound, Neither the Minute nor the Hour

Caoimhe Whelan was brought up to speed by her fellow bandmembers of Styx and Stones. In it she was told that Hercules had finished a second task by dealing with a birdemic in a town. He challenged Caoihme to a battle of wrestling a beast of massive nature and told her to essentially come to Wyld Coyote's Rest. There, she would meet Wiley Parrish who was currently holding Hercules at gunpoint, trying to keep him from entering the pasture where two Bulls were having a bit of an issue. They were larger, inherently and became Nemean in nature. Violence was imminent.

As Johnny arrived on the scene, Hercules suggested that they make it a competition. Whoever defeats their Nemean Bull first will win the credit for the deed. If Caoihme wins, Hercules will put off his attempt towards godhood to another lifetime. If Hercules wins, then Caoihme would have to accept he'd use her as his deed on kidnapping Cerberus. Johnny suggested a staring contest instead and have the winner of the staring contest determine how they would place this game. Technically, Hercules won the staring contest but Johnny gaslit him into believing he didn't. This gave Caoihme the opportunity to throw the opening punch, ignoring the request to play a game and instead went for the direct option of kicking Hercules' ass. This doesn't change the fact that two Nemean bulls are about ready to cause some serious problems but...we'll worry about that next session.

At the same time, Ao Jae was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He did not want to face Sydney Solberg in battle. They fought briefly in a round and Sydney was later convinced that she should stop this fight and stop working for Amaterasu-Omikami. She agrees it is an option but she wanted to abandon the quest to become a god. Jae manages to convince her otherwise but Sydney still did not want to hold onto anything tying her to Amaterasu. She throws her relic away into the ocean as hard as she could.

A hand stops it from falling into the ocean, sticking out from the water. Who is it we wonder?

Your blood (and saliva) changes to suit your whims, allowing you to transform it into either poison or medicine. You gain a library of mundane compounds equal to your Monster dots, and may reflexively shift the effects of your blood between them. Most are treated as inflicting the Poisoned Condition (Scion: Origin, p. 125) but can include choices like soporifics, paralytics, or even relatively benign substances like aspirin.

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