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The Last Dragonborn


Born in Bruma, Svarog grew up to become a guard in Cyrodiil. His father had served in the first Great War, and had never worshipped Talos, but felt strongly for the Stormcloak's cause. When his grandfather invited him back to the Rift in Skyrim, because he felt he did not have much longer left to his life, Svarog returned to be presented with what his inheritance would one day be.

On the way, he came across an Imperial Ambush of Stormcloak troops, and while he had been sympathetic, he was not a soldier of the Stormcloaks. Nevertheless, he was dragged to Helgen and pushed towards the headsman's block. Because of a random Black Dragon, he survived that day and fled Helgen to Riverwood with a Stormcloak soldier named Ralof.

After reaching Whiterun, he joined the Companions in order to earn back some money so he could finish his trek to his Grandfather's estate in the Rift. However, by the time he reached his grandfather's home, he was already dead. Nevertheless, the inheritance had been documented and the inheritance was, in fact, the estate itself.

Once in possession of the deed and home, Svarog could not actually stomach living there. It reminded him of his grandfather and how he had been too late to adhere to his last wishes. He blamed himself for wasting time and getting caught up in the jobs he was working on for the Companions of Jorvasskar.

In the meantime, he came to discover that he may be one known as the Dragonborn. However, as one who grew up hearing the tales and never seeing much of it in the real world, he came to be one to not put much faith in the tales as anything more than a fantastical story. Despite the Jarl of Whiterun's suggestions, he did not venture to Ivarstead and the 7,000 steps to High Hrothgar and continued on the task of aiding the Companions up until the day Kodlak Whitemane died and he journeyed with Vilkas, Farkas, and Aela to the tomb of Ysgrammor and his Companions.

Because this brought him near to the College of Winterhold, Svarog decided to visit the college and question them about this idea of "The Voice" and the ability he had been building due to multiple run-ins with Dragons throughout his time as a Companion. During his time at the College, the Eye of Magnus was uncovered and the Psijic Order revealed themselves to him. With their guidance and Arch-Mage Aren's aid, Svarog solved an issue with the Eye of Magnus and a Power Hungry Thalmor Mage. This resulted in Aren's death and with Svarog becoming his replacement.

Returning to his grandfather's estate for the first time in months, Svarog was close enough to Ivarstead to pay a visit to the Greybeards. He'd learned nothing about the Voice from the College and felt perhaps it was time to finally get it over with, despite still not having much faith in any truth behind the legends of the Dragonborn. However, it would turn out that the Greybeards were not the only ones who thought him the Dragonborn. Some weirdly dressed Dunmer came seeking "the one claiming to be Dragonborn," and despite how many times Svarog said he never made such claims, they still felt the need to attack him as a poser and liar trying to steal the title of one they called Miraak.

Journeying to Solsteim, Svarog hunted down the person responsible for sending assassins after him. He faced off against Cultists, Undead Ash creatures, Dunmer brigands, and the Morag Tong; not to mention a Dragon Priest possessed Dunmer, the Daedric Prince Hermaeus Mora and Miraak himself. In his time on Solsteim, Svarog also reconnected with a Skaal woman who had visited Cyrodiil years ago, named Vjera. Amidst the issues he dealt with, some time was spent rekindling the relationship they had once had.

After dealing with Miraak, Hermaeus Mora, and the cult of the First Dragonborn, Svarog returned to Skyrim and once more put the thoughts of the Greybeards and the Dragonborn legend behind him. He ventured to Riften and found a Thieves Guild in disarray. As a guard in Bruma, he had dealt with the guild often but found that the Guild in Skyrim was vastly different. While the people were just trying to get by, there was a sense of something else sinister behind their failing efforts.

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