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A 2-player co-op game of Ironsworn run by Amelia and Roadie!

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Other Names



An iridescent, sparse, deep-rooted grass with spiked seeds that drift away in the wind. The only documented plant to survive in the Shattered Wastes.


Can be incorporated into the Baldur's Rest false death concoction for a longer-lasting effect, but due to rarity its inclusion is not typical.


Repeated consumption of the plant permanently degrades one’s ability to feel full. It does not specifically enhance appetite but often leads to overeating.

Medicinal Uses

Application of the ground seed slows breathing and heart rate. This has not yet been recorded to occur lethally.

Culinary Uses


Practical Uses

When the grass is rubbed against a sample of iron, the residue favors different colors depending on the metal's quality. Black iron gives it a distinctive green-cyan hue. Also effective in cleaning out bloodstains, though due to its absence in the livable parts of the Ironlands, usage is exceedingly rare.

Other Uses

Said to grant increased strength to a simulacrum when incorporated into its form.

Brynn's mother, the gregarious woman who runs the local tavern & inn. Her household is one of the older ones in Mossgrove, but a series of unfortunate events left her the only remaining branch of the family tree in town by the time she was twenty. The ironsworn lover who sired Brynn disappeared mere months after their son was born-- leaving Freida devastated when her only child ran away from home so suddenly, in such a similar fashion. She has a sister with several children, though, and they've moved in with her recently. She's doing far better than she has in the past, but her coping mechanisms are... questionable.

Lifelong friends (and possibly amicable exes, if you believe the rumors) with Lucya's mother Ada. Rather waifish by Mossgrove standards, but can drink anybody under the table. Knows a little dirt on pretty much everyone in town, and claims to have dated an improbable number of them. Famous locally for her beautiful embroidery.


• Narrow fjords

• Settlements built on rocky shores

• Trade ships flying colorful sails

• Shipbuilders hammering at wooden hulls

• Raiders sounding the drums of war

• Schools of orca gliding through the waves

• Monstrous serpents rising from unfathomable depths


This coast is marked by massive fjords. It is a rugged land of snow-capped cliffs overlooking blue waters.

Ironlander settlements are located at the head of the fjords in the shelter of narrow valleys. From there, both fisher-folk and raiders set sail. Their kin gather to see them off, laying wreaths of spruce in their wake.

In the center of each settlement, at the front of the longhouse, a stack of runemarked river stones memorialize those who did not return—one stone for each of the lost. 

Associated Foes

• Leviathans

• Tawny wyverns

• Atanya

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