Dashboard Healing Eorðe

7 Giamonios, 5124 SE

Alistair - Halfling Wizard lv6

Size: Small

Gender: Male

Land Speed: 20 ft. / round

HP: 39

XP: 0

STR: 7 (-2)

DEX: 16 (+3)

CON: 10 (+0)

INT: 18 (+4)

WIS: 10 (+0)

CHA: 16 (+3)

Fortitude: +5

Reflex : +8

Will : +7

AC Normal : 17

AC Touch : 17

AC Flat-Footed: 13

BAB: +3

Initiative: 8

CMB: 0

CMD: 15

-- Magic Items Worn --

Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance (+1)

Ring #1 : Ring of Protection (+1)

-- Skills --

Acrobatics : +5

Appraise* : +8

Bluff : +4

Climb : +0

Craft* : +4

Diplomacy : +6

Disable Device : untrained

Disguise : +3

Escape Artist : +3

Fly* : +9

Handle Animal : +4

Heal : +0

Intimidate : +5

Knowledge* : +4

Knowledge (arcana)* : +10

Knowledge (dungeoneering)* : +8

Knowledge (engineering)* : +8

Knowledge (geography)* : +8

Knowledge (history)* : +8

Knowledge (local)* : +8

Knowledge (nature)* : +8

Knowledge (planes)* : +8

Knowledge (religion)* : +8

Linguistics* : +9

Perception : +6

Perform : +3

Profession* : +0

Profession (Brothel Owner)*: +9

Ride : +3

Sense Motive : +2

Sleight of Hand* : +8

Spellcraft* : +15

Stealth : +11

Survival : +0

Swim : -2

Use Magic Device : +4

-- Class Features / Racial Traits --

* Arcane Bond (Familiar) (Ex)

* Cantrips

* Fearless

* Force Missile (Sp)

* Halfling Luck

* Intense Spells (Su)

* Keen Senses

* Languages

* Sure-Footed

* Weapon Familiarity

* Wizard's Weapon Proficiencies

-- Feats --

  • Alertness
  • toughness
  • Dodge X2
  • Weapon focus (Ray)
  • Scribe Scroll
  • Improved initiative 

- Traits -

Deft dodger +1 to reflex

Child of the streets +1 sleight of hand and it’s a class skill

-- Spells –

Specialization: Evocation

Forbidden School(s): Necromancy, Abjuration

Known Spells


Spell Level 1


Mage Armor


Charm Person

Burning Hands

Floating Disk

Shocking Grasp

Disguise Self

Spell Level 2

Flaming Sphere

Scorching Ray


Spider Climb

Spell Level 3



-- Languages --

Common, Elven, Goblin, Halfling, Ignan, Infernal, Dwarven

-- Appearance & Background --

3' 0", 34 lb., Age: 38

Eyes: Blue, Hair: Black, Skin: Pale

Deity: Nethys, Homeland: Ressaria

-- Items in Backpack --

* Sword, Short (x1, 1 lb.)

* Crossbow, Hand (x1, 1 lb.)

* Leather Armor (masterwork) (x1, 7.5 lb.)

* Werdna Slippers (x1, 0.1 lb.)

* Bedroll (x1, 1.2 lb.)

* Waterskin (x1, 1 lb.)

* Crayons & Paint (x1, 0.1 lb.)

* Rice Paper (x18, 0 lb.)

* Ring of Protection (+1) (x1, 0 lb.)

* Cloak of Resistance (+1) (x1, 1 lb.)

* Flask (x1, 0.1 lb.)

* Flask Of Acid (x1, 0.1 lb.)

* Runestones (x1, 1 lb.)

* Potion (Cure Light Wounds) (x1, 0 lb.)

* Knife Boots (x1, 1 lb.)

* Soft/Hard Disc (x1, 0.3 lb.)

* Pants (bandit) (x1, 0.2 lb.)

* Draft Of Probation (x1, 0 lb.)

* Blueberey Pie (Mage Armor) (x1, 0 lb.)

* Cat Treats (Mage Armor) (x1, 0 lb.)

* Alchemist's Fire (x5, 5 lb.)

* Spell Component Pouch (x1, 2 lb.)

* Spellbook, wizard's (x1, 1.5 lb.)

* Cheese (x1, 0.1 lb.)

* Potion (Cure Moderate Wounds) (x1, 0 lb.)

Character Attributes

Attribute Total Mod Base Bonus Penalty
Strength 12 1 12    
Dexterity 21 5 17 4  
Constitution 12 0 10   2
Intelligence 16 3 14 2  
Wisdom 10 0 10    
Charisma 8 -1 8    

Current Class Details

Class Level
Magnus 4


8 3 5 0 4 1 4 32

Base Defenses & Throws

Armor Class Rank Saving Throws Rank
Armor Class 15 Fortitude Save 5
Against Touch 15 Reflex Save 6
Flat Footed 10 Will Save 4

Feats, Features, & Traits

Class Features

  • Magnus Arcana
  • Arcane Pool
  • Spellstrike
  • Cantrips
  • Spell Combat
  • Simple & Matrial Weapon Proficiency
  • Light Armor Proficiency (No Spell Failure Penalty)
  • Magnus & Wizard Spells

Racial Traits & Bonuses

  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, & -2 Constitution
  • Normal Speed
  • Low-light Vision
  • Elven Immunities
  • Elven Magic
  • Fleet-footed

Feats & Magnus Arcana*

  • Dervish Dance
  • Close Range*

Bonuses from Beyond

  • +1 to Saving Throw of Choice (Fortitude)
  • Altertness


Asher grew up in the kingdom of Ertue'a Vassala and of the family Arille’. While his family was not of a royal or noble line, it was still a notable family in his kingdom, respected, and known for their civil service. Asher’s family was from a long line of orators, politicians, stewards, and martial druids and rangers.

As an adolescent, Asher had little talent with a bow or the typical training for a ranger or druid, and often found the surrounding forest’s extraordinary, woody-fertility mundane. He cared little for the agricultural and national self-sustainability his family historically safeguarded—the predetermination created by cultural codes, selfish nationalism, and family expectations stirred feelings of isolation and an insatiable curiosity for the unknown. Notorious for never being where he was supposed to be, he’d often skirt chores to read whatever books he could get his hands on that mentioned or sketched far off places, or teased details of magic unlike anything he had ever witnessed around Ertue'a Vassala. Otherwise, he’d try to climb to the tallest trees in the forest in hopes to see what was beyond. Though, never for too long, since his older brother, Dontae Redlichen nee-Arille', had a knack for tracking him down—sometimes to keep him out of trouble with his parents, and sometimes at their behest.

His brother took up the martial training of a Ranger, and he often tried to train with Asher when they both shared years as what humans or some other mortal races would consider "teenagers." Dontae Redlichen nee-Arille'’s confidence with a bow and self-assuredness only ever polarized Asher’s awkwardness and aberrant nature. Rather than draw from the primal, preternatural energy of the forest, or struggle with the overwhelming tension of a bowstring, Asher would instead seem to play with wooden swords carved from forest branches, mimicking forms he’d seen in books up and down the lengths of dead tree logs. Hardly a performance of brawn, but lithe, and with a deftness that complemented the twang of Dontae Redlichen nee-Arille'’s bow.

While Asher stood apart from much of his family, his brother included, Landblight on the outskirts of their territory, Asher grew listless in his brother’s absence as well as envious. Just a year after his brother’s departure, Asher made for Gurthame'a to hone his skills with martial weapons, assisting small Ressaria. While he was able to assist individuals with small escort or guarding missions, he found himself leaning on an innate talent for minor feats of Evocation, Abjuration, or sometimes Necromancy. Hearing tales of large cities, man-made forests of metal, brick, and mortar, Asher made his way for Ressaria after recommendations by traders and other adventurers to train both his martial and magical skills in Din Guardi.

Since the journey was long, he had plenty of time to experience the added cultural variety Ressaria had to offer—shaking some of the preconceived notions of outsiders as prescribed by his upbringing. He filled his life with tavern crawls, pleasures of the flesh, local festivals, ducking in and out of the occasional library, all coupled with an odd-job here and there to keep his pockets lined. By the time he reached Din Guardi, his experiences allowed him to dispel some of his more demur tendencies. After some dabbling with mentors, texts, and martial forms, he decided to assume the mantle of a Magus. Coupled with memories of forest air, wooden swords, and innate agility, he wanted to further stretch the limits of his natural talent and being as an elemental dervish—a flurry of steel and the arcane.

While not quite an adept, though no longer a novice, Asher concluded his studies at one of Din Guardi’s lower academies. Wanting to lean into some comfortable work, he became something of a sellsword for traders and merchants between Din Guardi and Vambrace. One late afternoon on the back of a carriage, he observed the sun as it began to dip into the mountains surrounding Vambrace, and was struck with a sudden feeling of loneliness. Almost a decade since he left home, he realized that all he had was himself in such quiet and singular moments. The thought of home only exacerbated the feeling since returning was not an option—or so he thought, anyway. He muttered a wish for something more—somebody—perhaps friends—or just a sense of satisfaction—he wasn’t sure. As the caravan began to prep runes and set up camp for the evening, Asher quickly made for some bushes to relieve himself after polishing off half a full wineskin. Just before pulling up his trousers completely and fastening them, a Rebecca approached him.

Stunned, and his hands still frozen on his trouser’s leather drawstrings, the Rebecca told him she’d make all his wishes come true. He was further stunned, because she sounded like she’d been smoking a pipe her whole life, probably even while in her mother’s womb. She assured him she meant that not in a “weird way,” but “you know, friends, adventure, riches, fulfillment—all that stuff triple A titles promise but never deliver.” Confused by what she meant by triple A titles, Asher nodded nonetheless. “Good. I guess you’ll just owe me some time since you just agreed without asking what I’d get out of it. Better pull your pants all the way up for this next part.”

Asher was pulled through a portal, and arrived in the company of new friends and adventure.

Usable Skills

Skill Rank


Appraise 3
Bluff -1
Climb -1
Craft 3
Diplomacy -1
Disguise -1
Escape Artist 3
Fly 3
Handle Animal 0
Heal 0
Intimidate -1
Kn: Arcana 8
Kn: Dungeoneering 8
Kn: Planes /
Perception 6
Perform 1
Prof: Brothel 1
Ride 7
Sense Motive 3
Spellcraft 9
Stealth 3
Survival 0
Swim -1
Use Magic Device 6


  • Common
  • Elven
  • Draconic
  • Necril
  • Sylvan

Key Equipped or Held Items

  • Masterwork Scimitar
  • Scarf of Urgathoa
  • Flask o' Wine
  • Basic Outfit
  • Headband of Intelligence
  • Cursed Hat of Disguise
  • Bed of Iron Slippers


Level: 6

-- Armor and Items --

  • Mithral Full Plate
  • Light Steel Quickdraw Shield
  • Ring of Protection +2
  • Amulet of Natural Armor +1
  • Cloak of Resistance +1
  • Phylactery of Faithfulness
  • Composite Longbow
  • Greatsword
  • Gandasa

-- Racial Traits --

  • Fiendish Resistance: resistance 5 to cold, electricity, and fire
  • Fiendish Sprinter: +10 ft when running, dashing, or withdrawing
  • Prehensile Tail: retrieve small, stowed objects off of my person as a swift action
  • Darkision: 60 ft
  • Spell Like Ability: web

-- Class Features --

  • Aura of Good: (paladin) aura coming from self
  • Divine Grace: (paladin) add CHA mod to saves
  • Smite Evil: (paladin) add CHA mod to attack and damage against evil creatures
  • Lay on Hands: (paladin) touch 1d6 heal 5/day (swift for self)
  • Healer's Way: (oracle) touch 2d6 heal 5/day (swift for self)
  • Curse: (oracle) Tongues (Infernal & Aklo)
  • Life Link: (oracle) take 5 points of damage for an ally
  • Channel: (oracle) 30 ft radius of 2d6 heal 5/day

-- Spells --


-Orisions (6 known / infinite casts)

  • Grasp
  • Guidance
  • Light
  • Mending
  • Purify Food and Drink
  • Stabilize

-Level 1 (3 known +clw & +mystery spell / 7 casts)

  • Cure Light Wounds (extra)
  • Detect Undead (mystery)
  • Bless
  • Protection from Evil
  • Watchful Eye

-Level 2 (1 known +cmw & +mystery spell / 4 casts)

  • Cure Moderate Wounds (extra)
  • Lesser Reatoration (mystery)
  • Life Pact


Deity: Folgrit

Domain: Martyr

-Level 1

  • Detect Evil


  • Web (spell-like ability)

-- Feats --

  • Fey Foundling: whenever you receive magical healing, you heal an additional 2 points per die rolled
  • Extra Revelation: gain another revelation from your mystery
  • Selective Channeling: up to CHA mod unaffected

-- Robert Awarded --

  • Alertness: +2 to perception and sense motive
  • Persuasive: +2 to diplomacy and intimidate
  • Initiative Bonus: +1 initiative
  • Save Bonus: +1 to any one save (REF)

-- Languages --

Common, Abyssal, Infernal, Aklo

-- Background --

Amir was raised by his parents (a baker named Marcius Pelletier and a fortune-teller named Laila Pelletier) in Ayotha, Vandermane. He was a terrible child, constantly stealing and vandalizing, and bullying and torturing the other children. Despite this, his parents were always very gentle, patient, and loving with him.

Beloved as they are by the community, most victims of Amir's crimes handed him over to his parents rather than involving any authorities. Amir did feel guilty and repentant when he saw the sadness his actions caused his parents. However, this reformation never lasted more than a week.

When Amir was 16, Ayotha was at its wits end and considering imprisonment for the rogue Pelletier son. Then Amir met Hugo.

They met outside of Marcius Pelletier' vending stall while Hugo attempted to steal a loaf of bread. The two troublemakers quickly bonded.

Hugo was a young human man who travelled all over Ayotha, Amir joined them without a word to his parents.

Amir travelled with this group for two years. He became very close to and very smitten with Hugo. Unfortunately, a day came when Amir stole from the wrong man.

He was joyously retreating to the group's hideout with his loot of a beautiful, delicate silver necklace. The man he had stolen it from was silently tailing him.

When they reached the hideout, Amir immediately went to find Hugo to show him the treasure. The man stealthed into the room behind Amir. He swiftly sliced Hugo's neck, and then stood with his hand held out towards Amir.

Dumbfounded, Amir dropped the necklace and knelt next to Hugo's body. He was too shocked to do anything except stare. The man picked up his necklace and left.

Sometime later, Amir regained his senses. He thought of his parents and their consistent, unflinching faith in him. He dragged Hugo's body over 50 miles to Ayotha.

Later, Marcius Pelletier and Laila Pelletier found their runaway son collapsed on their doorstep and clutching a corpse. Hugo, unfortunately, was beyond any help they could provide, and himself and Amir had burned too many bridges and crossed too many lines to garner any sympathy from the people of Ayotha. Hugo would not be saved.

For months, Amir's parents took care of him as he mourned. They never asked any questions, but they listened carefully when Amir discussed his time away and comforted him when he needed.

Shaken to his core by his first love dying in front of him, the unquestioning love of his parents, and the cold indifference of his neighbors, Amir vowed to finally follow the path of light that his parents had paved for him.

No matter how tantalizing the call of his fiendish blood, he would instead draw from the good his parents had instilled in his heart.

In the following years, Amir devoted most of his time to learning the art of healing, protection, and fair battle. In his down time, Amir likes to help Marcius Pelletier in the bakery, or meditate with Laila Pelletier. He slowly healed from the loss of Hugo, though there may always be a bit of sadness in his heart. He became generally accepted as a new man in Ayotha, and the only time his fiendish side comes to life is in the bedroom. He will suppress it in other parts of his life until the day he dies.

As he grew stronger in the healing and protective arts, the divines noticed. They placed a blessing disguised as a curse on Amir, and he lost his ability to speak or understand most languages during battle. In return, they granted him amazing healing prowess.

Attributes under "Attributes" tab.



Kinetic Invocation(Void)




Weapon Focus(Kinetic Blast)

Ability Focus(Kinetic Blast)

Improved Initiative



Armor Expert




Acrobatics 10

Escape Artist 10

Linguistics 2

Perception 11

Sense Motive 11

Stealth 14

Sleight of Hand 11



Darkfolk, Dwarven, Undercommon


Equipment/Magic Items

Mithral Breastplate

Mithral Buckler +1

Cloak of Resistance II

Amulet of Natural Armor I

Ring of Protection I

Ring of Sustenance + Endure Elements Enchantment



Aurwid is a young Caligni, a type of Dark Folk born nearly free of the corruption of the Owbs. Her early life was spent being pampered and revered by her tribe. As she neared adulthood her tribe feared for her safety, knowing the Owbs allowed few if any Caligni to live within the tribe’s caste system. It was only through much effort of the tribe that she was spirited away from the Owbs and the grim future that had awaited her. The past three years of her life have been spent in exile as she explored the Darklands and unknowingly made her way closer to the surface world. In the dark and damp caverns of the deep earth she grew from a scared child into a capable survivor. With luck and skill, her innate talents as a Chaokineticist will continue to grow into a force that will reshape her tribes destiny, and her own.