When working wit the Kanka API, several issues can arrise. We've detailed the most common ones on this page.

Please note that the API can't be accessed through your browser by calling the endpoints.

HTML response instead of JSON

When requesting an endpoint, you will sometimes get HTML instead of a Json response.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">


The most common case is missing the content-type: application/json header.

Another one is if the Authorization: Bearer <token> header is missing.

If your request has both of these headers, and you still get HTML as a response, add accept: application/json as a header. This might lead to the following unauthorized error.


If your token is invalid or malformed, you will get the following response.

    "message": "Unauthenticated."

Generate a new token in your Api settings and use that new token for your request.

What causes an invalid token?

Kanka tokens are valid for 1 year by default. All tokens get invalidated when we add more servers to Kanka, which happens less than once a year.

422 Unprocessable Entity

If your POST, PUT or PATCH requests to the API are returning something about a missing required field, even when your body has a the field:

{"message":"The given data was invalid.",
    "name":["The name field is required."]

You are probably hitting the domain in http instead of https. For example, the Postman application defaults to http when no scheme is provided.

Image upload not working

As of 1.15, fixed. See Entity Image.

Other issues

For all other issues, join us on Discord and ask in the #development-talk channel where someone from the team or the community will help you out.